An Introduction to Mutualink

True Interoperability®: with more connectivity than any other company

Mutualink is the leading provider of a best-in-class multimedia interoperability platform LNK360™. LNK360™ enables public safety agencies and enterprise security to share voice, video, and data for improved cross-agency communications.

Mutualink is trusted by partners such as ATT FirstNet and Verizon FrontLine, and clients including law enforcement and first responders. Mutualink provides secure, scalable solutions that public safety officials rely on during emergencies every day.

Mutualink, a privately-owned company based in Wallingford, CT, was founded in 2006 as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Those attacks exposed communication gaps amongst the people making life-altering and life-saving decisions. Our company founders saw the critical need for first responders and decision-makers to have the ability to proactively prepare for unforeseen circumstances that arise in our unpredictable world.

Mutualink was formed with the sole focus to create “Boundless Connections for Moments that Matter.” Our mission was to design a solution based on FEMA’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) that gives our customers real-time communications. Our commitment was and still is to provide secure interoperable communications to keep communities connected and our customers ahead of the public response technology curve with future-forward innovative interoperability tools, which connect to any system and any device over any network.

Our mission is to reduce time to incident resolution with the goal of saving lives. In repeated drills and exercises, Mutualink technology is proven to reduce the time-to-incident resolution by as much as 50%.

Our leadership team stays committed to creating boundless connections through multimedia interoperability. Our research and development centers in Westford, MA, Mayaguez, PR, and Allen, TX focus on creating hardware and software that empowers agencies to communicate seamlessly.

As a result, relationships across sectors have been strengthened:

  • Public Safety (EMS, police, fire departments)
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals and public health
  • Homeland security
  • Federal agencies
  • Stadiums
  • Business Enterprises
  • Transit
  • Shopping malls
  • Casinos
  • Banking and Finance
  • Utilities

Mutualink’s True Interoperability® and LNK360™

Connecting Communities

Community partners, safety agencies, and private enterprises are connected through Mutualink’s safety ecosystems – LNK360™ Intelligent Incident Management Solution. LNK360™ is the on-ramp that enables public safety agencies, private enterprises, smart cities, hospitals, schools, and critical infrastructure entities to instantly connect and share communications.

Agencies, divisions, and/or field teams can now cross-communicate over various systems, devices, applications, and data sources while maintaining control of information. Collaboration among various entities drives decisions based on real-time data.

Common Challenges We Overcome

Are you working across borders on different radio frequencies? No problem! Do you struggle with different hardware used by Police and First responders? Again no problem.

Mutualink True Interoperability® is the fundamental gap between those who are trying to connect people and those that can.

While public safety leaders are being tasked to do more with less, Mutualink is solving their most complex interoperability challenges by integrating legacy radio systems and sharing data and video instantly.

From everyday incident responses to natural and man-made disasters to mass casualty events, Mutualink helps responders seamlessly connect across jurisdictions regardless of device or carrier. We are the trusted leader in push-to-talk interagency communications, Land Mobile Radio to Long Term Evolution (LMR-to-LTE) interoperability, and cross-agency information sharing across our patented, distributed peer-to-peer network.

Secure Private Networks

Participants in the Mutualink Program can share (or deny) access to their data feeds. Each incident can be created with the LNK360™ platform and, on request, pull live data streams into the incident at hand. Participating in commercial businesses can join law enforcement and emergency service to improve public safety. Once the crisis is averted the feeds are simply disconnected from the incident.


Mutualink combines technology innovations and our DHS-certified communication platform with our commitment to excellence to architect and deliver advanced interoperability and networking solutions for federal, state, and local governments.

We strengthen partnerships between public safety agencies, community partners, and private enterprises to improve transportation and public utilities and create safer communities.

Connected Smart Cities and Sustainable IoT

Using data from sensors and other systems, LNK360™ can detect anomalies and immediately share critical real-time data with both internal and external responders. By connecting Smart City partners through smart infrastructure and sustainable IoT (Internet of Things) technology, community leaders work together to improve livability, workability, and resilience.

Hospitals and Emergency Services

Hospitals are an integral part of our communities. From providing daily security to helping coordinate regional and statewide mass casualty, Mutualink enables seamless communications both internally and with external partners to accelerate real-time decision-making to reduce danger and speed resolution.

School Safety

Mutualink is committed to helping school districts provide a safe, secure, and stable environment for students and staff. We have become the trusted school safety platform deployed in hundreds of schools nationwide.

Our True Interoperability® technology connects schools and first responders for seamless multimedia communications to prevent and mitigate school violence. Our software lets schools share radio and video with law enforcement instantly with the push of a button. It connects others in the district and with first responders in the broader Mutualink public safety ecosystem.

Certified by U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Mutualink powers and manages the Interoperable Gateway System (IGS), which is part of the U.S. Government’s National Continuity Program (NCP), whose mission is to provide last-line resilient communications during a national or large-scale catastrophe. Mutualink is the only multimedia interoperable communications product that is Safety Act certified and is included on the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approved equipment list for Homeland Security.

Time Saved = Lives Saved. The single most critical factor in the successful resolution of an emergency is time to resolution. Being able to instantly coordinate with internal security and public safety is essential.

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