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Smart Cities

Connecting for Community

People Focused, Systems-Based Connected Communities

Smart City Community

Advances in sensor technology, the adoption of broadband connectivity, and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) are accelerating Smart City technology adoption.

Cities and counties across the nation are now realizing the real value these technology-driven investments are having on their communities—elevated citizen well-being, sustainability, and economic development.

Benefits of Smart City Deployments

  • Strong partnership between government and industry
  • Safer communities
  • Improved transportation
  • Enhanced citizen and business engagement
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Efficient public utilities
  • Reduced environmental impact

Transition From Physical to Digital Connectivity

Throughout history, infrastructure that connected people and things has been the building blocks of progress. In the physical world, these are roads and bridges. These bridges have evolved into digital infrastructure that interconnects physical systems, technology, and people.

Today, next-generation broadband services like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud micro-services, IoT, and multimedia edge computing devices are the new bricks-and-mortar building services that can bind people together and improve communities. Rather than concrete and steel to span rivers, we are connecting people to people, things to things, and people to things anywhere at any time.


Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Services


Edge Computing

We first experienced smartphones, then smart homes, now smart cities. Cities are already building interconnectedness among public services, private business, and the government is the key to smarter, safer, more enjoyable city living.

Mutualink helps deliver safer, smarter communities. Our LNK360™ software enables interoperable communications among radios, phones, computers, laptops, and other devices, to those entrusted to  serve and protect their citizens and cities.

Interoperability in Law Enforcement

The police department is one of the most critical parts of any city or town. The police keep order, and it’s the police you call when you have an emergency. Imagine if the moment the emergency happened, the police — and other first responders — already knew? That’s how Mutualink’s LNK360™ software works. All communication devices in your network can talk in real-time—clearly and without lag.

Our software uses the ISSI to allow P25 radios, used by police and some private security forces, to interface with other devices — namely, phones and computers. All can access push-to-talk (PPT) technology as well as MCPTT and OTT PTT. This interoperability can extend to government security buildings, airports, hospitals, schools, and more.

Preventing School Shootings

Despite all the security changes at schools across the U.S., school shootings continue. There will always be guns, and disturbed individuals in the U.S. — society can’t prevent violence.  However, what can change is our response to threats.

We may be ready to fight off violent offenders, but if we don’t have the information we need, the chances of failure are greater. Mutualink’s LNK360™ software works to create a school safety alert system in which information sharing is easier and faster. With the simple push of a police panic button, your school could be locked down, and first responders alerted.

That’s what Alyssa’s Law is all about. Named after one of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victims in Parkland, Florida, the law mandates that panic buttons for schools be connected to police forces.

Several additional states have passed Alyssa’s law already while others are adopting the principles regardless. As each state adopts new safety mandates the type of interoperable communication system provided by Mutualink will become your city’s best investment. A True Interoperability® system for satisfying the law and providing the best School Violence Protection Program (SVPP).

Sensor and Radio Communication System During Disasters

Regardless of the challenges, your city faces — school shootings, house of worship attacks, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, terrorist attacks, local uprisings — you will be prepared with Mutualink’s intelligent multimedia and sensor interoperable communications technology. Take a step today toward becoming a smart(er) city and learn more about our proprietary LNK360™ downloadable software and what it can do to keep the citizens of your city or town safer and happier.



Freedom to unify
communications across agencies, division, or field teams while maintaining control of information.


Freedom to connect
across devices, systems, applications, and data sources to drive collaboration and information sharing.


Freedom to act

by automating processes and response, drive decisions with meaningful data and real time communications.

LNK360™—The BackBone for Smart Cities

LNK360™, our secure, intelligent communication platform, is the digital backbone for Smart Cities connecting community partners, smart infrastructure, and sustainable IoT technologies in real-time so community leaders can work together to improve livability, workability and resilience.

  • Using data from sensors and other systems, we can detect anomalous conditions to immediately share critical real-time data with internal and external responders.
  • Trigger notifications and response from sensors such as temperature controls, digital cameras and hazardous material alarms, fire/safety systems, incident response systems.
  • External HDMI video sources and IP camera feeds, including those from drones and other robotic systems.
Smart City LNK360

Our quality of service improves your quality of life through community-focused IoT.

Success Stories

Virginia Smart Community Test Bed Center –

Mutualink technology is integral to Virginia’s first Smart City deployment and model Smart City Center in Stafford County, VA. The center gives innovators and researchers a place to develop and test sophisticated new tools to improve safety, mobility and communications in smart communities across Virginia and the entire U.S. The public/private partnership is funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) and aims to foster community-driven innovation that improves emergency response.

New Jersey Hospital Network

Over 100 (out of 104) hospitals in New Jersey use Mutualink for daily security and for regional and statewide health and mass casualty coordination. Mutualink proved vital in coordinating hospital evacuations during Hurricane Sandy and other critical incidents.

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Smart Arena Capital One Case Study

Under another competitive award from DHS Science and Technology Directorate, Mutualink technology has created the first fully Intelligent arena in the country, Capitol One Arena in Washington DC, designated the Indoor Building Sensor Suite (IBSS) project. The project purpose is to establish a testbed facility for testing and evaluation of indoor building sensors and associated building analytics developed to improve overall building safety and performance.
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