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True Interoperability® Network

Mutualink Interoperable Communications

We Connect You Together.

We connect first responders and partners with interoperable communications in emergencies improving safety, security & protecting lives.

Voice, Video, Information.

We connect voice and video so any agency can talk to and share information with partners on demand. Instant emergency collaboration, situational awareness, coordination.

Why It Matters.

Time saved means lives saved. Lack of communications and inability to share vital information with the right people when needed has cost needless loss of lives.

Proven  |  Secure  |  DHS Safety Act Certified  |  Affordable

Mutualink Strengthens Communities for Everyday Communications


No matter where you are or where your team is, communicate and collaborate seamlessly with Mutualink’s interoperable communications. Within your agency. With other agencies. Even between public agencies and private security teams.

There when you need us for the moments when critical communications matter.

SAFETY Act Certification Seal

Not every interoperable communications solution earns Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act certification.  The seal shows that DHS determined that the technology will perform as intended, conforms to specifications, and is safe for use as intended.

Responsible, reliable interoperable communications.

Sectors We Serve

Mutualink interoperable communications for smart cities and communities.

Black sky technology for blue sky days.

Mutualink is a premium solution for those with complex, challenging communications and safety missions.

Improve Interoperability for public safety officers

Police, Fire, Emergency Managers

Public and Private

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities


Hospitals and Clinics

Financial Institutions, Malls,
Corporate Campuses


Casinos, Hotels, Resorts

Federal Agencies


Stadium and Events

MetLife Stadium, SuperBowl

The Solution for Connecting America

Mutualink is more than traditional interoperability. When you use it, you connect with our vast, growing network of public safety agencies and community partners.  We call it the Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP). Whether using legacy or new radio communications or video surveillance systems, you can coordinate within and beyond your organization with Mutualink. Ask us how to achieve seamless LMR-to-LTE or VMS interoperability.

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