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True Interoperability® using Your Existing Infrastructure

At Mutualink, our team of engineers and software developers worked long and hard to come up with a cutting-edge first responder alert system that was better than the rest. We focused our work on interoperable radio communications, making seamless connections among police radios via Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI), telephones, text, voice calls, and video.

The results are one of a kind, and the facilities, organizations, and public services that won’t settle for anything less than the best system available come to Mutualink.

LNK360™ Downloadable Software

Our proprietary software makes interoperable communications not only possible but simpler and clearer than ever before.

Historically, radio communications systems used during disasters were unable to communicate with each other. The challenges came from the lack of connectivity between different networks, devices, hardware and software. Now, with one Mutualink system, you can integrate all modes of communication into your entire network. We use the ISSI to facilitate push-to-talk (PPT) on our system, which can be used not just on radios, but smartphones and computers too. MCPTT and OTT PTT are also available for inclusion.

Our software is invaluable for so many purposes, including preventing school shootings. Our active shooter technology alerts everyone in your network to information such as locations of those inside a building, which doors are locked, and includes audio and video in real-time from multiple sources, so everyone is well informed.

Mutualink’s technology can also help school systems comply with Alyssa’s Law by providing panic button systems for schools that connect directly to first responders as well as active shooter apps.

Interoperable Radio Communications System Components

Mutualink provides critical connectivity hardware to make the operation of our LNK360™ software easier for our clients. We put you in the driver’s seat of command central. Hardware includes desktop, portable and semi-rugged portable interoperable workstations. Interoperable Work Stations (IWS) allow you to clearly view multiple incidents in real-time as they unfold, along with voice, video, and data sharing. Our system works on Windows or Mac, iOS or Android operating systems. True Interoperability® is what we do.

Other system components include Edge IWS, which gets you real-time video from surveillance cameras, and information collected by drones — you can share not just video, but voice and data on your Edge IWS.

Our Gateway Network Interface Cards (NICs) allow you to integrate communication devices—choose from telephony, radio, video, internet or a special Gateway built just for K-12 school systems.

More Mutualink Products

Keep an eye on our website for new products, as we are constantly revolutionizing our software and hardware, updating, upgrading, and making improvements to stay on the cutting edge of interoperable radio communications. Our goal is to protect people and save lives by facilitating and improving communication among security teams, police forces, and other first responders.

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