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True Interoperability® Improving Public Safety

More Connectivity Than Any other Company

At Mutualink, we have designed a True Interoperability® communications system to enable different equipment and networks to connect. Whether you’re dealing with a school shooting, natural disaster, active shooter, or another emergency, our LNK360™ technology uses the Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) to help you provide critical services and save lives. We serve police, fire, schools, municipal facilities, hospitals, commercial businesses—such as public arenas—and provide the backbone for smart buildings and cities.

Public Safety

The Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) is especially important to public safety officials using radios. ISSI technology allows police officers, firefighters, first responders, and others to use different radios on different networks to communicate easily.

This is incredibly helpful in situations in which public safety officials from different jurisdictions need to cooperate in emergency situations. A fully connected radio communication system during a disaster means emergency services and public safety officials can save more lives.

Further, our push to talk (PPT), MCPTT, and OTT PTT technology provides clearer audio with minimal delay and fewer restrictions. Our first responder alert system reaches more personnel, faster.

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School Safety

School shootings have become everyone’s greatest fear. As horrible as any mass shoots are, school shootings are particularly tragic. Much has been done in the last 20 years to prevent school shootings—such as the passing of Alyssa’s Law in several states that require panic buttons to be installed in schools that are connected to law enforcement.

Our LNK360™ technology is a big step toward protecting students in schools across the country. Our technology integrates panic button systems for schools, school safety alert systems, and active shooter apps for schools—all core components of a School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP).

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Government buildings in the U.S. are under threat from both foreign and domestic terrorists. Our active shooter technology allows users to have access to a panic alarm button 24/7, immediately triggering a first responder alert system across multiple channels for shorter response times and better outcomes.

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Smart Cities

Smart cities protect their citizens better with improved first responder alert systems and ISSI technology that allows for easy communication among varying radio frequencies and networks. When you use our LNK360™ radio communication system during a disaster, you can get—and share—messages with more first responders, public safety officials, and other key individuals.

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Regardless of where a disaster occurs or why, many victims will likely be taken to local hospitals. To respond quickly and help the injured, hospitals must be able to communicate with other emergency services and first responders. Mutualink LNK360™ integrates networks via the ISSI to facilitate push to talk, MCPTT, OTT PTT, and other forms of communication used by public officials. Our technology provides for connections to panic alarm buttons, active shooter technology, and more.

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Commercial Safety and Security

Commercial enterprises attracting large crowds need better-than-average security. These include stadiums and venues that host concerts and sporting events. Hotels and locations where political gatherings are also vulnerable as well as large spaces that provide shelter after natural disasters.

Security, law enforcement, and public officials called to protect these spaces will better be able to do so using Mutualink’s LNK360™ system. Improved radio communication systems during a disaster makes protecting people and mitigating danger easier.

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Religious Institutions

Today, we are seeing police stationed outside of churches, synagogues, mosques, arenas, and anywhere religious services are held, in order to protect worshippers. Church shootings are, unfortunately, not uncommon. But public and private security forces that use the ISSI and our radio communication system during a disaster are better prepared and able to stop a catastrophe before it happens. Our proprietary active shooter technology and interoperable radio communications system is the key to protecting worshippers, citizens, and innocent bystanders.

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