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Enhancing Public Safety

Automated Emergency Response Solution for Government Services

Preserving Lives

Mutualink’s mission is to improve public safety by enabling faster, well-informed emergency responses to public safety threats. Today, our technology provides instant, real-time, on-demand access to voice, video, data and text, dramatically reducing initial response times.

Rapid Incident Response

Saving minutes where seconds count. Multiple agencies simultaneously receive alerts in less than 8 seconds via automated workflows.

First responders can be dispatched automatically, improving both response times and time to resolution.

Improved Situational Awareness

Advanced situational awareness of on-scene status leads to more specific actions and reduced time to resolution.

Responders have access to all relevant information, including video, floor plans, audio, and other IoT sensor data. Two-way communications are established instantaneously across multiple agencies.

Incident Management

Previously unavailable information flows seamlessly in real-time to Fusion Centers. Advanced two-way intelligence can flow between Federal Government, State, Local, Tribal, Territorial (SLTT), and private sector partners.

Users in remote locations can connect to command and control centers. A lifeline for small groups or lone workers with low connectivity.

Platform Flexibility

The only platform that enables two-way communication using existing legacy equipment.

Seamlessly connect analog, digital, PTT, LMR, P25, LTE, cell phones, video, sound, IoT sensors, and panic buttons. Enhance situational awareness with floor plans and other data.

Case Studies

Mutualink is the only multimedia communications product that is Safety Act Certified and included on the approved products list for Homeland Security. 

Mutualink powers and manages the Interoperable Gateway System (IGS), part of the U.S Government’s National Continuity Program (NCP), whose mission is to provide last-line resilient communications during a national or large-scale catastrophe.
A Search and Rescue (SAR) task force required secure, portable communications and access to drone feeds, fixed and rotary wing assets. Data was shared with subject matter experts with command and control authority. 

The team of ground search and rescue (GSAR) experts with dogs, rigging specialists, physicians, hazardous material, and communications specialists were responsible for high mountain and desert environments. On orders, the team assembled from local police, fire, medical, and National Guard components. 

Mutualink provided a communications kit that delivered an instant voice across all radio units and shared live video feeds from drone footage to dispatchers, command vehicles, and incident command. The legacy communications gear was a mix of VHF/AM and FM, UHF conventional, digital trunked, P25, satellite, and cellular phones.
Mutualink has organized deployments to every major hurricane disaster site since Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. 

Since our founding in 2006, tragic events have driven our innovation. Mutualink can connect where no infrastructure exists, and we are not dependent on any one infrastructure. Our focus is on providing response team interoperations the ability to coordinate relief efforts for people impacted by tragedy—whether created by nature or man. 

The hurricanes of 2017—Harvey, Irma, and Maria further proved that our interoperable communications could support community responses across all local, state, and federal responders. We brought portable cellular towers provided by wireless carriers for coverage, discrete radio kits from all over the country, satellite providers, Guard teams, and the entire first responder community together for concerted responses by multiple responders at all three weather events.
Personnel and logistic challenges of fighting forest fires need communications support. At Mutualink, we have delivered scalable communications across jurisdictions to individual firefighters to provide secure real-time information – both voice and data as needed. We combine legacy mutual aid radio channels with Satcom, cellular, and P25 radio networks. Our technology can combine old radios on any frequency.
Communications support for deployed National Guard (NG) and Air National Guard (ANG) units was provided by Joint Incident Communications Capability (JISCC) trailers and comms vehicles. 

In 2018, a Disaster Incident Response Emergency Communications Terminal (DIRECT) was added as a comms tool. Mutualink kits now supplement access to FEMA’s communications backbone, telephones, existing cellular networks, and any state, local or tribal communications in operation for an incident across the country.
Airports and harbors are multijurisdictional points of exit and entry. Mutualink bridges communications between border and transportation security administrators, airport authorities, and terminal and airline staff. We can share internal and external camera feeds, traffic cameras, and even vessel IDs with operators protecting the terminals.
Under a competitive award from DHS Science and Technology Directorate, Mutualink technology has created the first fully Intelligent arena in the country, Capitol One Arena in Washington DC, designated the Indoor Building Sensor Suite (IBSS) project. The project aims to establish a testbed facility for testing and evaluation of indoor building sensors and associated building analytics developed to improve overall building safety and performance.

Federal Government Support

Government Contracts

  • CAGE Code 50RV2
  • GSA Contract GS-35F-0006W, exp: 9/30/2024
  • New Jersey Contract #83894
  • NY State Umbrella Contract #PM67324 - Lot3
  • NYS OGS Group 77200, Public Safety Communications Equipment and Services (Two-Way Radios and Satellite Phones) (Statewide) Award 23141, Contract #PT68723
  • CT State Contract #14PSX0178AA
  • Texas DIR-TSO-3915: This contract offers emergency preparedness products and related services. Customers can purchase directly through this DIR contract.

Contracts may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, and public entities outside the state.

Federal Government Contact

Stephen F. Carney

Executive Director - Federal Programs

Contact Steve Carney
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