Mutualink Government Services

Mutualink offers secure interoperable communications and information sharing solutions for federal agencies and US and Coalition defense partners. Mutualink’s mission is to provide interoperable solutions to federal, state, and local partners for immediately communications within, among, and between agencies.

Voice is shared over any radio source. Video from cameras and mobile devices is bridged. Text messages and data files are shared between individuals and collaborating agencies provide real-time communications.

Tested, deployed, and in operation throughout the world, Mutualink provides advanced real-time situational awareness and seamless communications.

Safety Act Certified

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Secure, Interoperable Communications

  • Bridges all forms of voice communications on an ad hoc, secure basis — including all forms of military and commercial radios, mobile phones, and IP and analog phones.
  • Creates connected communities and teams – whether within a city, compound or across military theaters. Maintains asset sovereignty while enabling communication across service branches and between allies.

Who We Serve

  • US Department of Defense Agencies
  • International Coalition Partners, including NATO SOF

Global Real-time Communications and Information Sharing

  • Real-time, anywhere, anytime secure interoperable communications, including video and information sharing, across the globe
  • Vertical and horizontal communications collaboration between and among US Defense and coalition partners
  • Uses existing infrastructure and is network transport agnostic
  • Integrates existing radios (including of different types), telephony, text and voice messaging, data files
  • Enables secure, ad hoc sharing from any ISR platform — including real-time video, sensor and other system views.
  • Enables real-time file transfer and chat

What sets Mutualink Apart

  • True Sovereign Security —  server-less, peer-based architecture. No centralized control or trusted third party. Each participant is in both logical and physical control of its sovereign communications assets.
  • End-to-end encryption – federally approved AES ciphers, mutually authenticated using standards-based public-key cryptography.
  • Ad hoc virtual network  – uses any available IP transport and architecture — Band 14 LTE, commercial LTE, terrestrial and satellite.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services

Mutualink provides additional O&M services for Government & Defense clients to ensure the agency’s operation during a crisis, including:
  • Regular information assurance updates to all Mutualink equipment
  • Regular system training & exercise support
  • Replacement services
  • Priority support services
Mutualink employs subject matter experts (SME) to support additional government & defense requirements. These include:
  • Software engineering & support
  • Hardware engineering & support
  • Network engineering & support
  • 3rd party integration efforts
For further information on any of these services please contact Mutualink via email to