Mutualink Edge IWS Downloads

Download Edge IWS for Windows and Mac for multimedia interoperability.

  • Run Edge IWS with credentials from your agency’s Edge Device Manager administrator.
  • Built-in help modules to support in-app learning.

 Downloads for Windows

Edge IWS for Windows – 64 bit  

Edge IWS for Windows – 32 bit  

 Download for MacOS

Edge IWS for MacOS  

Downloads for iOS

Mutualink Edge IWS   

Mutualink Edge@Team  

Downloads for Android

Mutualink Edge IWS   

Mutualink Edge@Team   


Instruction manuals for download, set-up and use of the Mutualink interoperability platform.

How can you get more information?

For training and operational videos, visit our Video Hub or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Customer Support 866-927-5465


Mutualink Edge IWS Map Tab with Inset
Mutualink Edge IWS Map Tab with Video

What’s New

Enhanced Mapping – This release offers you the power of knowing where your team is and where your partners and resources are with enhanced Network Map and Incident Map tabs. Adds new functions including enhanced location services and saved location functions, drawing tools, and airplane and shipping traffic layers.

Always On – Allows a user to configure the client to automatically start with the laptop.  On network or connection failure, clients will continuously retry to connect.


My Cam


Show Map


Custom Map Layers

IWS Specs

Specifications for IWS Appliances and Edge IWS, including supported devices available here.

Mutualink’s IWS is the multimedia interoperability solution for public safety, homeland security and critical infrastructure.

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