If you’ve heard terms like “Automated Emergency Response (AER)” or “Interoperable Systems” and felt more confused than comforted, you’re not alone. This advanced technology makes all the difference, but it tends to come with a lot of complicated, technical talk. That’s why we’re here to break things down into terms everyone can understand, without an encyclopedia. Read on and in 2-3 minutes you’ll know exactly what Automated Emergency Response is, how it works, and why it matters.



Automated Emergency Response: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters


What Automated Emergency Response (AER) Is

When faced with a crisis or emergency, you want assistance as soon as possible. The first instinct or method for getting help has traditionally been dialing 911 manually. However, many emergent situations require quick, discrete notification, so tools were developed to automate an alert to authorities, such as the panic button.

Today, many schools have panic buttons, video surveillance, and other security technology, but tragedies such as the Uvalde School Shooting have shown that these developments are not sufficient on their own. The technology operates independently and is accessible only to those who oversee it in the school. Panic buttons alert the authorities of an emergency but share no further information. Footage from surveillance cameras will capture what occurs but is typically accessed and distributed long after the crisis has ended.

That is why we developed our Automated Emergency Response Solution to leverage existing technology and advance how schools and communities connect with first responders to save minutes and lives in a crisis.




How Mutualink’s AER Solution Works

Mutualink was created nearly two decades ago, and a few other AER Solutions have emerged since, but we were the first to be certified by the Department of Homeland Security and remain the only multimedia response solution that integrates seamlessly with existing security tools and technologies.

What exactly does that mean? Our patented platform makes use of all your prior security investments, seamlessly connecting them into one unified system. At the first sign of an emergency, you trigger your Mutualink-backed panic button, sensor, or alert system and it initiates a secure communication channel with the appropriate first responders in your district. It instantly shares secure, invitation-only access to live video surveillance, smart floor comparison, radio, and any other technology you have in place.





Why Mutualink’s AER Solution Matters

Mutualink’s Automated Emergency Response Solution is invitation-only, meaning police and other first responders only have access to your school’s security technology during a crisis, not before and not after. Our mission is to save time and save lives, not your data, so we don’t store anything online. This way you don’t have to worry about privacy violations or risk leaks to the public. We are FERPA & HIPAA Compliant and endorsed by the ACLU for upholding civil rights.

The main reason our Automated Emergency Response Solution matters, though, is because it is a life-saving technology. The recent DOJ Report on the Uvalde School Shooting outlined the necessity for an informed, coordinated response to school shootings and other mass casualty incidents.

When an emergency strikes, you want an Emergency Response Plan that you can count on. With our technology, first responders arrive at the scene already knowing what’s occurring inside, empowering them to take swift action with confidence.


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