Religious Facilities

Higher level security and connectivity with law enforcement for your
Religious Schools and Houses of Worship

Providing Religious Communities With The Greatest Protection – Automated Emergency Response from Law Enforcement

Religious facilities have unfortunately become increasingly susceptible to theft, violence, hostile activist groups, and even acts of terrorism, with the potential for instilling fear, causing casualties, and creating significant societal impacts. Mutualink’s solution is designed to strengthen a community’s ability to respond to and recover from highly disruptive and life-threatening events. By fostering seamless coordination with public safety agencies, Mutualink empowers efficient communication, coordination, and information sharing with first responders and other vital partners, ultimately playing a critical role in saving lives and mitigating loss.

 Proven Technology for Better Security Safety & Response from Law Enforcement

Ensure a Real-Time Coordinated Response from Law Enforcement When It Matters Most

Mutualink facilitates seamless communication between diverse security systems within and beyond the enterprise. It connects your various security camera systems, radio systems, PTT mobile apps, mobile phones, and landline phones as needed, allowing for the secure sharing of real-time video, floor plans, and other critical data—all within a secure collaboration environment.

Simplified Integration with Plug & Play Ease

Utilize your existing systems and resources without the need to purchase or replace any equipment. Our system intelligently connects to your infrastructure, regardless of system type or manufacturer. Additionally, you can effortlessly connect with any partner through the Mutualink platform.

Instant On-Demand Bridging of Communications, Video, and Data Sharing

Experience immediate and on-demand bridging of communications, video, and data sharing within enterprises and with crucial partners and safety agencies. Our platform facilitates voice connections across security camera systems, radio systems, PTT apps, mobile devices, PA/Intercom systems, and landline phones. Real-time video sharing enhances situational awareness, while data sharing includes floor plans and other critical situational information—all accessible from one unified platform. It’s advanced communications technology designed to facilitate effective collaboration, especially in times of crisis.

Automate your emergency response and save minutes when seconds count.

How Does It Work for Your Religious Schools and Houses of Worship?

The Mutualink FERPA Compliant multimedia interoperability solution streamlines collaboration for police response in emergencies. Here’s How:

  1. With the press of a panic button by school or religious facility staff, the system provides direct 2-way communication, voice, and video to 911 centers, local, county and state police, and other first responders within seconds.
  2. The automated process, with the school’s permission, grants law enforcement access to real-time video feeds, school floor plans, and voice communication through the school’s 2-way radio system.
  3. This rapid exchange of information is crucial for responding to active shooter or emergency situations, ensuring the swift and coordinated protection of students and staff.

*** Prior to installation, all we need from you is a high-speed internet connection, floor plans, radio make/model information, and login details for your IP video cameras and/or Network Video Recorder or Video Management System.

Panic Button and Hands Diagram Religious Facilities

Alarm System Panic Buttons Are Not Effective

A Mutualink coordinated response can be triggered using a fixed pullbox panic system, a portable panic button fob, or a panic button smartphone app. Within less than 10 seconds of pressing one of our panic buttons, your local police dispatch center staff receives an alert, complete with a facility floor plan and four (4) real-time camera feeds. Additionally, all your cameras and 2-way radios become accessible to responders, ensuring a swift and coordinated response with heightened situational awareness.

In contrast, the average response time for an Alarm System Panic Button can take up to 3 minutes, involving transitions from the alarm service to the local 911 operator and then to your local police department.

Why Choose Mutualink?

  • The only multimedia interoperability response solution certified by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Relied on by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate crisis response across government agencies.
  • 42 U.S. Patents and 100 International Patents 
  • Multiple Awardee of DHS Science and Technology Smart City and IoT Innovation Projects

Real World, Field Proven

Deployed in numerous planned and unplanned events, ranging from day-to-day emergencies like accidents, weather-related incidents, and medical emergencies to active shooter situations, planned incident response exercises, and routine day-to-day operations.

Miracle on the Hudson

Super Bowl(s)

Papal Visit

Madison County, IN
Pandemic Response

Past Inaugurations

Superstorm Sandy and other weather events


Mall Shooting