The DOJ Uvalde School Shooting Response and Ohio Active Shooter Drill underscored how preparedness, communication, and a cohesive partnership between regional agencies make all the difference when responding to a crisis. Read on to hear from a leading School Safety expert on the importance of drills and training, and discover the School District setting a new standard for safety preparedness.



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School Safety Expert Craig Miller on the Importance of Drills and Training

Retired Dallas ISD Chief of Police, Craig Miller is a leading school safety expert and founder of The Craig Miller Group (CMG), a school safety security consultation firm. While discussing the recent armed student threat at Pioneer Technology Arts & Academy in Mesquite with NBC 5 DFW, he shared his thoughts on the importance of drills and training in emergency response.

“Miller said all schools and nearby agencies that would respond to an active shooter should be involved in repeated and ongoing training together. ‘The best way for you to know where to go is to have been to that school before and to have practiced and planned.'”

Mutualink provides a secure channel for seamless communication and transferring vital data such as live video streams and smart floor plans with first responders. This empowers a prepared, connected, and coordinated approach from all sides in an active drill or emergency.

“Miller says a successful outcome and lives depend on proactive planning and preparation. ‘If it’s a coordinated effort on each side it’s easier to accomplish,’ Miller said. ‘This is a much bigger ongoing problem that will always be coming up.'”





Level Up Your School’s Emergency Response Plan

The Chino Valley Unified School District, Chino Valley Police Department, and Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office recognize the importance of drills and training in emergency response, and recently utilized Mutualink’s platform to conduct an Emergency Response test end-to-end

Mutualink’s intelligent platform creates a secure communication and information-sharing channel that is intuitive and reliable. Your school maintains all control and privacy, as you must trigger an alert for a drill or emergency for first responders to receive temporary, invitation-only access.

Ready to level up your school’s emergency response plan? Empower your school district and regional first responders with a secure, reliable, and coordinated communication platform for training, defense, and emergency operations.


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