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Health Care Security and
Emergency Response


The most critical factor in the successful resolution of an emergency is time to resolution. Instanty coordinate with internal security and public safety. It’s essential.

Over 100 hospitals in New Jersey use Mutualink for daily security and for regional and statewide mass casualty coordination.
Protecting patients, staff and visitors is a major concern due to increased threats.
Being able to seamlessly communicate internally and with partners in real time accelerates decision-making, reduces danger and speeds resolution.

Instant Multimedia Communications

Voice, Video & Information Sharing

Create connections for security and emergency response to talk, share information and collaborate. For a more secure healthcare workplace.

The Security & Safety Challenge 

Hospitals face internal safety and security challenges relating to staff, patients and visitors. They also respond to community emergencies and crises.

Internal Security & Safety

Risk of violent incidents abounds. Active shooters. Assaults. Baby thefts. Armed thefts of equipment and pharmaceuticals. They extend beyond the campus, leaving hospitals vulnerable.

Operational Needs & Emergency Response

Hospitals are an integral part of community emergency response. They deliver urgent medical care to save lives. For large events, this requires assessments of priority, capacity and capabilities, and critical real-time information sharing with first responder agencies.

Emergency Response Failures & Liability

After-incident investigations of mass shootings and natural disasters often identify failures in communications as a source of confusion and delay. It can cost lives. Instant  communications, coordination and information sharing with first responders and other partners is critical in saving lives and mitigating property loss.

Instant On-Demand Bridged Communications

Voice – connects incompatible radio systems, PTT apps, mobile and landline phones.
Video – shares video in real time.
Data – shares floor plans and other critical situational information.

Hundreds of hospitals in New Jersey and across the nation use Mutualink. Our customers include the Department of Homeland Security (FEMA, TSA, Coast Guard), state police agencies (CT, NY and NJ State Police), Texas DPS, Regional Intelligence Centers, county sheriffs and municipal police, banking institutions, utilities, ports, rail and transit and more.
Mutualink employs advanced security. All communications and data is doubly encrypted with AES 256 Encryption. All endpoints are mutually authenticated with RSA keys, and all identities are authenticated. Mutualink does not store any data. It is only a secure transport mechanism with those who you trust to share.

Proven Innovation for Better Security & Safety

The Mutualink Solution

Real-time Coordinated Response When It Matters Most

Mutualink’s platform enables seamless communication between audio and video systems within the enterprise and beyond. This includes the ability to connect different radio systems, PTT mobile apps, mobile phones and line phones in real time when and as needed. It also allows for the secure sharing of live video streams, the sharing of floor plans and other data. All within a secure collaboration environment.

Plug & Play

Use your existing systems. There’s no need to buy or replace equipment. Our system smartly connects to what you have, regardless of system type or manufacturer. Mutualink is simple and network agnostic. Use any broadband connection including cable, 4G/5G wireless, broadband satellite or other IP connectivity.

Privacy Protected – HIPAA Compliant

Healthcare providers are subject to strict patient privacy and confidentiality requirements under HIPAA. In addition to employing multiple layers of dynamic AES 256 encryption and secure RSA authentication  technology, Mutualink’s solution uniquely meets the structures of privacy requirements like no other.

First, through our innovative, patented secure incident and invitation system, your enterprise has total discretionary control of with whom and when you wish to share information. This is key under the HIPAA public health and public safety exceptions during emergency situations. Moreover, Mutualink does not store or keep any data. It is only a secure transport sharing mechanism. When you start or join a session, you control what systems and resources you wish to share with others, and no other party can see or access your assets. There are no shard IP addresses or trusted party login credentials, meaning an external party cannot seek to gain remote access or control over your systems. That is why we are used and trusted by hundreds of hospitals to meet HIPAA requirements while addressing the critical need to share data.

Mutualink is a turnkey service with installation, training and maintenance included.

Mutualink works with virtually any two-way radio system, PTT applications, telephone systems and analog and digital video systems.

  • Gunshot Detection Systems
  • CAP based Alerting Systems
  • Video Recognition Alert Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Chemical / Biological Sensor Systems
  • Physical Panic Button Systems
  • Mobile Panic Button Apps

What Mutualink Does for Hospitals Like Yours

Mutualink is a powerful platform. It enhances your internal and external response capabilities in emergencies. Used daily as a communications tool to enhance routine operations, it reduces costs and increases efficiencies. Ways our customers use our platform:

Integrated Security Communications Across Multiple Locations – We bridge existing radio systems across locations, instead of replacing them with expensive new wide area radio systems.

Mass Casualty Coordinated Response – Customers use Mutualink to create seamless community security networks with partners to exchange and communicate status and critical information.

Key Event Monitoring – Customers use Mutualink to stand up event monitoring with local law enforcement for large events, so they are at the ready to respond to urgent care needs. Events include marathons, concerts, sporting events, dignitary visits, holiday celebrations, inaugurations and more.

Quick Response Alerts (Amber & Silver Alerts) – Mutualink’s platform can instantly connect and share information with internal security personnel and external law enforcement, fire officials and emergency medical personnel when time-sensitive alerts occur.

EVAC/ Hazard Containment /Overflow Go Kits – Mutualink is available in portable Go Kits, enabling set-up of emergency communications for remote continuity of emergency operations and connectivity to EOCs, partners and telephone networks.

Cost Effective Push-to-Talk Augmentation or Substitution – Save money replacing or augmenting expensive radio systems with state-of-the-art mobile PTT applications. Our PTT clients offer both voice and two-way real-time video sharing.

  • Floor Plans with Camera Access
  • Live Weather
  • Live Traffic
  • Live DOT Camera Access
  • Maritime Vessel Tracking

Making Systems Smarter & Actionable

Mutualink is an interoperability platform that can integrate with your panic alarms and sensor systems. This means it can receive and read alarms and event messages. Then, instantly, it automatically creates collaboration sessions with those who need to know. Based on sensor location, camera feeds near the event location can be immediately shared. In this way, Mutualink provides instant “eyes” on a situation. So, rather than relying on dead-end alerts with no real-time information, responders receive actionable, immediate information. As a result, the response is quicker and better informed.

Value Packed Premium Capabilities for Less

Mutualink is committed to bringing you more capability at less cost to meet your operational needs. Our platform includes powerful real-time mapping and data display capabilities to increase your situational awareness. With Mutualink you will access to an array of real-time data feeds displayed on a live map at no extra cost. Better still, we can quickly and affordably integrate data for monitoring to meet your special needs.

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