Public Safety

Connecting for a safer response

Connect to Mutualink’s Public Safety Ecosystem to Build
Community Trust, Agility and Resiliency

Mutualink is dedicated to building connections that make stronger, safer communities. During these unprecedented times, in a world where public safety leaders are being asked to do more with less, unified communications and cross-community collaboration have become a powerful force multiplier. From integrating legacy radio systems to instantly sharing data and video,

Mutualink is solving the most complex interoperability challenges.

LNK360 - SAAS Deployment


Freedom to unify
communications across agencies, division, or field teams while maintaining control of information.


Freedom to connect
across devices, systems, applications, and data sources to drive collaboration and information sharing.


Freedom to act

by automating processes and response, drive decisions with meaningful data and real time communications.

Unified Communications with True Interoperability®

Mutualink is the trusted leader in push-to-talk interagency communications, LMR-to-LTE interoperability, and cross-agency information sharing across our patented, distributed peer-to-peer network. From everyday incident response, to natural and man-made disasters or mass casualty events, responders can seamlessly connect across jurisdictions, regardless of device or carrier.


Verizon Frontline and FirstNet/AT&T

The two largest public safety networks in the country depend on Mutualink technology to ensure the interoperability of their solutions. Mutualink solutions are FirstNet verified and available from the application catalogues of both companies. Integration with these carriers also allows first responders using LNK360™ to benefit from features such as Quality of Service, Priority and Preemption and mission-critical push to talk (MCPTT).

Secure, Incident-based, Multimedia Talkgroups

Mutualink’s technology is unique because it allows agencies to maintain exclusive control over their communication assets by deciding in real-time what is shared, with whom and when. Interoperable communications supported in talkgroups include:

  • Voice: Push-to-talk, Radio, VoIP calling, VoLTE
  • Video: Video cameras (IP or analog), Built-in cameras in mobile devices, laptops or webcams, screen sharing applications
  • Group messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Location and GIS data sharing
  • Data and information Sharing

Innovative IoT Integration and Automation

High-speed, low-latency sensor technologies can be integrated to trigger incident response and automate early alerts. From audible gunshot detection sensors triggering rapid emergency response and activating nearby portable surveillance cameras, to hazmat sensor monitoring used to secure large events, the ability to share data and live video streams amongst the responding agencies is a game changer for public safety.

Mutualink supports a full spectrum of Internet of Public Safety Things (IoPST®):

  • Hard and Soft Panic Buttons
  • Door alarms, Access control Systems
  • Chemical and Biological Sensors
  • Gun Holster Sensors
  • Wearable biological sensors
  • Environmental & Flood Sensors
  • Radiological Detection Sensors
  • Body Worn Cameras

Intelligent Situational Awareness

External HDMI video sources and IP camera feeds, including those from drones and other robotic systems when shared in real time lend clarity in incident response. Mutualink technology allows integration of data/video feeds and use of data visualization layers to maximize intelligent situational awareness and reduce time to incident resolution.

Thousands of public safety organizations and private entities nationwide depend on Mutualink True Interoperability®.
Certified Safety Act

Department of Homeland Security

Mutualink powers and manages the Interoperable Gateway System (IGS), which is part of the U.S Government’s National Continuity Program (NCP), whose mission is to provide last-line resilient communications during a national or large-scale catastrophe. Mutualink is the only multimedia interoperable communications product that is Safety Act certified, and is included on the approved products list for Homeland Security.
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The State of New Hampshire

The State of New Hampshire

Mutualink technology has been used to create a statewide collaboration network enabling first responder agencies, 9-1-1 centers and hospitals across the state to securely share voice, video and information on-demand. Most recently Mutualink was used to respond to uncharted public health and safety threats during the recent global COVID-19 pandemic.

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