LNK360 PortConnect

Prompt resolution of any incident which takes normal operations to an emergency level requires trained personnel and an optimized flow of information and communication.

In any high functioning port, the goal is optimized operations which begins and ends with optimized data flow. It’s also critical that ports are prepared to respond in the event of emergency. This requires trained personnel, shared data and communication, all of which result in critical situational awareness to lead to swift resolution. LNK360 PortConnect interconnects workflow systems for personnel managing a steady stream of data during normal operations and, most importantly, in the event of emergency disruptions.

LNK360 PortConnect drives automated response data in any incident empowering unified commanders to execute higher level coordination. Information from a camera feed, drone feed, air sensor warning, or any monitoring device can be responded to instantaneously. One click will join all parties into one, collaborative emergency management response. The result is a safer workforce, reduced disruption, and faster recovery through full situational awareness.

LNK360 PortConnect also provides a competitive advantage for optimal daily operations. With regular training, it helps port operations maximize technical capabilities, identify gaps in coverage, and practice resource deployment and response. It supports the development of more effective emergency response plans.

Whether in normal operational mode or in emergency response mode, the LNK360 PortConnect solution provides automated and integrated flow of data to manage and protect high functioning port operations.

“A button click will securely create a working group of all responder radios, executive smartphones, a camera stream, and an overhead drone feed in one collaborative management effort.”