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Mutualink works hand-in-hand with our customers to enable communities to be safer and more prosperous by connecting those who serve worldwide via on-demand, real-time, intelligent situational awareness.

Next generation broadband services are the digital building blocks connecting communities today. Our intelligent communication platform connects these blocks making your universe unified, connected, and actionable.

School Safety

Mutualink is committed to building the connections that help school districts provide a safe, secure and stable environment for students and staff. We connect schools with first responders for the prevention and mitigation of school violence.

Mutualink is the trusted partner for hundreds of schools nationwide, securing campuses and accelerating appropriate public safety responses.

Casino Security & Public Safety

Public safety leaders are faced with unprecedented times of doing more with less. As resources seem to continue to dwindle, agencies are turning to a holistic community-wide response that leverages innovative technologies to keep communities and our nation safer.

From connecting next generation 911 to “policing-at-the-edge,” Mutualink’s technology becomes the digital bridge, allowing agencies to instantly collaborate, communicate, and exchange critical information within their agency and beyond.


Government agencies work to overcome complex interoperability challenges sharing critical communications and data among federal, state and local leaders.

Mutualink provides truly interoperable mission-centric solutions that enable cross-agency communications to keep citizens, cities and our nation safer.

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Dallas schools have implemented police departments for school safety

Commercial Safety & Security

Today, complex threats to corporate security range from theft, sabotage, employee and visitor violence, hostile activist groups, and terrorism.

Executives and their employees face more risks than ever before, extending outside the office and with global reach.