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State of New Hampshire – Mutualink Implementation

Mutualink is honored to welcome the State of New Hampshire to our interoperability network. We thank the New Hampshire Department of Safety for placing trust in our solution to deliver their goal of highly coordinated emergency response and statewide interoperability throughout New Hampshire.

New Hampshire's public safety and emergency management network is carrier agnostic and interoperable across communications systems.

  • Interoperability optimized using priority and preemption available through FirstNet and other carriers for voice, video and data communications.
  • Network expandable to other community partners: schools, hospitals, utilities, transit, other public facilities.
Connected NH Mutualink

Project Summary

New Hampshire's Statewide True Interoperability️® Network provides a carrier agnostic bridging platform across a variety of communications systems for key NH agencies. The project will roll out starting in October 2020 and will be fully deployed by December 31, 2020. The project is funded through 2023.

√ Position NH agencies with the flexibility to use pre-emption and priority broadband through FirstNet or other carriers while maintaining fully interoperable voice (LTE or radio), video and data
√ Platform will enable NH to leverage future smart city, 5G and other initiatives
√ NH will be the first state in the US to achieve statewide True Interoperability
√ Core capability deployed throughout NH public safety and emergency management agencies can be costeffectively expanded to schools, public facilities and mission critical operations (i.e., utilities, transportation centers, etc.)

Mutualink Overview

Mutualink Demo

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