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Public Safety Agencies
Test Interoperability Technology
in Arizona

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Public Safety Agencies
Test Interoperability Technology
in Arizona

Real-Time Interoperable Communications

Mutualink brings together first responders – fire, police, emergency medical services – on  the only nationwide network delivering secure multimedia communications to keep communities safe.

Mutualink enables the secure sharing of communication and data content for streamlined operations and security within and among entities involved in emergency incidents.  In our complex society, Federal, State and municipal governments and the private sector need to better communicate within and among organizations in a secure fashion and without geographic bounds.

Mutualink simply places radio, video and data media onto whatever wired or wireless IP connectivity exists, secures it and enables it to be shared within and outside that organization.  Mutualink is uniquely able to accomplish this through a combination of a distributed architecture and security.  The architecture ensures sovereignty of the network participants; no other agency can reach in and access media that is not theirs. The security in the architecture eliminates outside threats to the content.

Sectors We Serve

Mutualink’s emergency response communications technology offers interoperability across multiple Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource (CIKR) entities. Mutualink enables communities to share voice, video, text and data securely to keep stakeholders safe.

Public Safety


Police, Fire, Emergency Managers

K12 Schools


Public and Private

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities



Hospitals and Clinics


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Financial Institutions, Malls,
Corporate Campuses


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Casinos, Hotels, Resorts

Federal Agencies

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US Army, USSOCOM, US Navy,
US Marine Corp, National Guard

What We Do

Interoperability for Emergency Response

Mutualink creates networks of interoperable communities that are, at an instant, capable of sharing radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment. The combination of affordability and the elegant simplicity of our offering changes the way communities across the country communicate.

The Solution for Connecting America – IRAPP

Mutualink is already connecting thousands of public safety agencies, hospitals, schools, and critical infrastructure entities through the nation. When you deploy Mutualink not only does your agency achieve new levels of secure, advanced communications and multimedia interoperability, you are connecting into vast growing network of local, state and federal partners, providing new levels of interconnectivity for collaboration and coordination. We call this network the Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP) network. Whether you are using legacy assets or deploying new radio communications systems, video surveillance systems or adjusting to a BYOD environment, Mutualink is a key capability that enables seamless bridging and coordination within and beyond your organization. Ask us how to achieve LMR to LTE interoperability.

School Safety
Recent News
Industry Recognitions

“The Mutualink solution has emerged as an essential component to solving public safety interoperability challenges on a national basis.  Mutualink is a superior and affordable platform that works. And the proof is in the states and localities that use it.”

Hon. Tom Ridge, First Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security