On the corner of technology and human behavior

Technology and human behavior definitions:

Behavior:  The way in which a person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus

Intersection:  A point at which two or more things come together

Technology:  The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

Adoption:  The action of fact of choosing to take up, follow or use something

Technology and human behavior have been intersecting for years.  This intersection is a result of identifying gaps in our behaviors and responses, and then acquiring technology as a solution to strengthen or bridge gaps while improving overall performance.  You know the old adage, “work smarter, not harder”. What I’ve see is that organizations that truly embrace this are more efficient and effective in the space that they operate.

Within operational environments, I challenge organizations to adopt that very notion based on the following model:

  • Technology is chosen
  • The chosen technology then intersects our operational lives
  • The organization has a reactive behavior to the introduction
  • Adoption can yield results of success or failure

What I am asking you to look at is behavior and adoption as the critical areas of the process that will ultimately determine success or failure of the solution. As a result, you will see that everything you do is a people process. And technology is only as good as the people that are going to use it. I want to introduce one more word into your vocabulary:

Socialization:  The action of process causing a person to behave in a way that is acceptable to the organization.

And socialization comes down to leadership.  Leadership must properly introduce, train, maintain and grow behavior around the technology. When the technology is socialized properly, this action will introduce or enhance creativity and critical thinking. When members of an organization become part of the creativity and critical thinking of the organization, the organization produces problem solvers. And problem solvers lend themselves to developing a stronger organization with the use of the technology solution.

So, in closing, no matter how elaborate the technology solution is, the focus should be on the introduction and socialization of that solution into the workforce that will ultimately determine the strength of that intersection on the corner of technology and human behavior. Success and sustainability will result.

By Mark Anderko


Mark Anderko is a retired Deputy Chief of Police from New Jersey. He has 28 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Emergency Management.  In addition, Mark Anderko served as an adjunct instructor for undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Police Science and Emergency and Disaster Management.  Mark is the Sr. Director of Program Operations for Mutualink.

Mutualink strengthens communities and relationships by enabling seamless operational communications.  Mutualink’s technology provides consistent, high quality interoperability. The company connects radio, phone, video, text and data among thousands of customers on our network. Our solution grew out of needs identified after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when FEMA presented the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for all hazards response.

“An Uncommon Commitment to Boundless Connections”

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