Group of devices displaying Mutualink Edge IWS and @Team PTT software for public safety and private security interoperability


Everything-over-IP means more radio, voice and video communications for seamless connections across locations and with persons inside your organization or affiliated with partner agencies.

To order Mutualink interoperability products, please call 866.957.5465. Or contact your local Mutualink representative. To find a reseller in your area, refer to our Partner Page.

Interoperable WorkStation (IWS)

All the interoperability you need for emergency response. At your fingertips with these hardware and software solutions. True Interoperability®

IWS Desktop Interop

Interoperable WorkStation

IWS M500-100 Desktop 2RU

Portable Interoperable WorkStation

Portable IWS

P – IWS M500-170

Semi-Rugged Portable IWS

Semi-Rugged Portable IWS

P – IWS M500-160

Edge IWS

Mutualink IWS Group Shot
FirstNet Verified Interoperability App

Mobile interoperability solutions anywhere, anytime with Edge IWS for Windows and mac OS desktop and laptop computers, Android and iOS phones and iPads. Combine the Edge IWS with Mutualink’s VCD2 for easy real-time drone video sharing from the field. Leverage investments in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) by sharing video in real time with partners and remote locations.

Choose Edge IWS Web for convenient browser-based interoperability with no VPN.


The Mutualink VCD2 converts HDMI to USB to allow any HDMI video feed to be shared in real time into a Mutualink incident. VCD2 Spec Sheet

Gateways  (NICs) 

Mutualink Gateways (NICs) are proprietary edge devices that enable ad hoc integration of communication devices including radio systems, telephone networks, video feeds and IP systems. With Mutualink’s Gateways, bridge virtually any system – VoIP, LMR, VMS, sensors, gunshot detection and more – for seamless communications.

Telephony Gateway

T-NIC M500-260

Radio Gateway

R-NIC M500-610, 2xR-NIC M500-620, 4xR-NIC M500-640

Video Gateway

V-NIC M500-240

Internet Protocol Gateway

1RU – IP-NIC or IPT Gateway

K12 Media Gateway for Radio and Video

1RU – K12-NIC M400-100

Intelligent Sensor Gateway

@Team Multimedia Push-to-Talk

Push-to-See 2 10-24-19

The public safety PTT communication tool that’s easy to use, with full voice, video and data sharing in a secure mobile platform.

FirstNet Verified Interoperability App

Wireless Panic Button Add-On

Mutualink Panic Button

This Panic Button from Rave Mobile Safety uniquely integrates with Mutualink’s interoperability platform to automatically create incidents with the push of a button. Radio and video resources are shared into the incident based on the customer’s installation criteria. Available for K-12 schools, malls, hospitals and corporate campuses.

Mobile Go Kit

On-the-go interoperable multimedia communications. Connect anywhere, anytime with flexible and agile emergency communications.