Operation Viper 2.0 Full-Scale Exercise Features Drone Video Sharing

Guest Post by Mike Favorit, Director, Safety & Security, Valencia College

On Friday, August 4, 2017, Valencia College, East Campus, hosted Operation Viper-2, which was a large-scale, joint exercise training scenario involving the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orange County Fire Rescue and Valencia College, Campus Security.  There were also representatives from the St. Cloud Police Department, FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), Orlando Police Department and Disney.  With the availability of Mutualink, we were able to immediately observe and hear the audio and video transmissions in real time, including from a drone.  We not only observed our normal set positioned camera feeds, but were able to see the up-close video feed of the drone flying up to the suspect, giving us the most real-time detailed video I have seen in 30 years of service.  What Mutualink accomplished in this exercise we often dreamed about as operators in the field for many years.  It is no longer a dream: it’s here.

We are extremely pleased that Valencia College has fully invested in Mutualink technologies and we were able to share critical video/audio intelligence with our law enforcement partners so that real-time decisions could be made based on real-time activity.  In my experience, Mutualink has proven to be an invaluable instrumental tool for the success of any tactical operation or full-scale training exercise.  I do not know of anyone completing this type of training.  I am confident others will join us and realize this will save lives in the future.

Operation Viper 2.0 Mutualink Screen Shot                 Mutualink interoperability platform during Operation Viper 2.0 in Florida


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