Award Recognizes ‘Performance Excellence’ in Connecticut Organizations

WALLINGFORD, CT – Today Mutualink was awarded CQIA’s Platinum Innovation Prize, Connecticut’s premiere statewide award for innovation. Mutualink was recognized for its secure emergency communications and video sharing platform for schools – Mutualink K12. The K12 system dramatically improves school safety and security by directly linking school radios, telephone, intercom and video systems with police, fire, EMS, hospitals and other entities in emergency situations.

In multiple active shooter response exercises, including one in Hartford, Conn., Mutualink K12 reduced time to incident resolution by 40%, when conducting the same exercise with and without Mutualink’s technology. In the event of a school emergency, seconds matters and saving five to ten minutes during an ongoing threat saves lives. The system is also useful for emergencies ranging from fires, medical and disaster scenarios, to day-to-day type activities such as school-to-school events and city-wide school information sharing.

The mission of CQIA (Connecticut Quality Improvement Award) is “to recognize the highest ethical standards used in combination with advanced business processes and innovative approaches to improve the economic vitality of Connecticut and all its people.” Mutualink’s technology innovation award comes on the heels of being one of a handful of a companies nationwide receiving the U.S. Presidential E-Award for outstanding achievements in export business growth.

Mutualink K12 is unique among school security solutions because it effectively engages the schools and public safety community to ensure reduced resolution time, making it a perfect fit for the Connecticut innovation award. Features of Mutualink school safety system include:

  • Schools and first responders can share real-time voice regardless of radio type, intercom, video, data and text communications, enabling police to “hear and see into the school” before entering.
  • Smart panic button initiates emergency response, instantly alerting first responders and saving precious time.
  • Security, privacy and sovereignty are all designed into the Mutualink system.
  • The system has very low recurring costs, which is an important consideration for taxpayer-funded school procurements.

“We’re extremely proud of our school safety initiative and products, and active shooter drills like the one conducted in Hartford demonstrate that our technology can truly make schools safer and save lives,” said Mark Hatten, CEO of Mutualink. “We’re grateful to be recognized by CQIA for our innovations and contributions to the Connecticut economy, and we hope that the State of Connecticut will embrace Mutualink like many of our neighboring states such as New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts that are actively deploying and using Mutualink.”

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