During a critical event, Mutualink can remotely leverage existing closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors, to improve communications and reduce the time to resolution.

By: Mutualink Staff

The Scenario

Any facility in which the public gathers – schools, shopping malls, theaters, office buildings, retail spaces, hospitals, sporting arenas — has the potential to become critical.

In both natural disasters such as tornados or man-made events such as an active shooter, reducing the time to resolution can save lives.

The Client

Mutualink clients are those responsible for public safety, including law enforcement, public safety officials, private security/safety teams, school administrators, mall administrators, security/safety teams, and public facility administrators.

The Objectives

Client Objective: To increase the safety of the public by obtaining increased law enforcement support during disruptive events.

Mutualink Objective: To supplement and enhance the LNK360™ software capabilities to allow remote, active control of on-site cameras. Share only with authorized law enforcement officials and/or safety teams. Enable camera feeds to be used regardless of the VMS (video monitoring system).

The Challenge

Without on-site intelligence (floor plans) on where cameras are located inside a facility, law enforcement’s ability to take action is compromised. Time is wasted as they try various cameras to identify a security threat. Communication is difficult and time-to-incident resolution is extended.

Law enforcement must rely on on-site personnel – school administrator(s), private security personnel, IT departments, retail managers, and/or landlords – to activate and operate the cameras for them.

On-site camera operators are put in harm’s way since they have to stay in the server room or at the video command center to direct the cameras. Remote access frees those people to evacuate the scene.

The Solution

A supplemental tool to Mutualink’s LNK360™ software allows, by invitation only, law enforcement to remotely access and control cameras.

During the initial installation and setup, or during an add-on for current LNK360™ clients, floor plans will be shared, digitized, and uploaded. Camera locations will be identified and marked on the plans.

Four Key Outcomes

  1. Improved communications between law enforcement and the entities they serve — both public and private.
  2. Added intel with the visibility of floor plan layouts and the locations of cameras, law enforcement gains a clearer assessment during critical events.
  3. Turning over the remote control and monitoring of cameras to law enforcement, on-site personnel are able to evacuate, along with everyone else, to safety.
  4. The increase of active support by law enforcement reduces time to resolution with the ultimate goal of reducing casualties.

Mutualink Benefit

Mutualink is committed to improving public safety through technology. The ability to communicate, coordinate, and share vital information in real-time is critical to saving lives and mitigating loss.

Mutualink improves a community’s ability to respond and recover from disruptive events. We enable unified communications across communities, agencies, field teams, and private industry. Sharing information keeps our communities safer.

Permission-based sharing keeps data in the hands of authorized individuals. User and client information is kept protected through “invitation only” access. Those invited to participate determine what is shared, with whom, and when.

Mutualink connects across devices, systems, applications, and data sources to drive collaboration and information sharing. We support:

  • Voice: Push-to-talk. Radio, VoIP, VoLTE
  • Video: IP and analog video cameras, Built-in cameras in mobile devices, laptops or webcams, screen sharing applications
  • Group Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Location and GIS Data Sharing
  • Data and Information Sharing

During natural and/or man made catastrophes, our real-time reporting provides invaluable communications and data to private and public entities:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospital and Healthcare Facilities
  • Sporting Arenas
  • Concert Halls and Theaters
  • Shopping Malls and Retail Outlets
  • Mutualink’s powerful ecosystem not only enhances communications and responses during emergencies, but is also used daily to improve routine operations and security, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies. Our flexible automated processes provide more meaningful real-time data which allows for faster responsiveness that drives faster decision making. The type of decisions that can save lives.

    Contact us for more information on how Mutualink’s remote access features can supplement your public safety capabilities.

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