Mutualink rapidly connects multiple entities to provide real-time data in the event of a critical incident.

Collaborating entities include: law enforcement, local and state utilities, health care providers, emergency response teams, and private businesses.

Real Scenarios

Public safety during a hurricane in Jacksonville, Florida
Crime prevention in Atlantic city, NJ

The Objective

Create a temporary, opt-in, communication hub to address an in-progress incident now!

The Challenge

Multiple safety entities—both public and private—have their own monitoring systems. But each entity only has a fragmented view of a live, ongoing situation. In Florida, the situation was a hurricane, and in New Jersey an in-progress crime.

In both cases, local public safety officials were able to create a temporary Fusion Center (also called Real-Time Crime Centers by law enforcement) to gain a holistic view to improve situational awareness and improve time to resolution.

How Does it Work?

Prior to any event, each member of a fusion center has agreed to participate. Each party will preinstall Mutualink’s software, which connects seamlessly to existing communication and monitoring hardware and infrastructure.

As an incident occurs, public safety officials open an incident on their Mutualink dashboard and invite others to share their live feeds. Each entity now has the option to participate or (if they have privacy concerns) they can decline to share their feeds.

3 Common Applications

  1. Collaboration between large city police departments and smaller local law enforcement entities and neighboring jurisdictions.
  2. Public arenas connection with law enforcement and emergency services during events
  3. Casinos (where The Gaming Authority allows) and private entities connecting with law enforcement during an in-progress crime

Benefits of Mutualink Software

  • Connects to existing hardware and infrastructure
  • Data feed from multiple sources and devices
  • Addresses user privacy/client privacy concerns
  • Communicate real-time information
  • Coordinated communication between law enforcement, private and public sectors
  • Overcomes restricted and/or impaired views
  • Provides visibility in both city scenarios and large open-air areas

Technical Solutions

  • Mutualink ecosystem of technology
  • LNK360™ software
  • Invite-only access to live-stream real-time data
  • Coordinate cross-agency and cross-jurisdiction communications —private entity video (e.g. casinos, arena, ) + DOT Cameras + Radio Platforms + Encrypted
  • Networks + PPT Radios
  • Option to include drone aerial intelligence gathering

The Outcomes

Chief community business leaders spearheaded the coordination of creating a secure environment to share critical information through Mutualink’s ecosystem. Private industry, state and local agencies, emergency response agencies, K-12, Higher-Ed, Veteran’s Stadium, Financial, ballpark, and health care providers share need-to-know information with each other during events.

In 2019, during Hurricane Dorian, community leaders connected to Mutualink’s platform via public and private LTE, satellite, and terrestrial broadband to share critical information regarding power shortages, the need to close facilities, flooded streets, and highways. Through our equipment community leaders, we were able to aid in emergency preparedness and evacuations.

Drones were incorporated to monitor the landscape, due to their broader and mobile vantage point, in order to provide live information to command centers. Real-time videos and data were shared via radio platforms (on encrypted networks), cell phones, and PTT radios. This real-time critical data helped identify safe evacuation routes.

The Mutualink Benefit

The ability to communicate, coordinate, and share vital information is critical to saving lives and mitigating loss. Mutualink improves a community’s ability to respond and recover from disruptive events. We enable unified communications across communities, agencies, field teams, and private industry to share information in order to keep our communities safer while allowing exclusive control over these communications. User and client information is kept protected through “invitation-only” access. Those invited to participate determine what is shared, with whom, and when.

We connect across devices, systems, applications, and data sources to drive collaboration and information sharing. We support:

  • Voice: push-to-talk,Radio, VoIP, VoLTE
  • Video: IP and analog video cameras, built-in cameras in mobile devices, laptops or webcams, screen sharing applications
  • Group Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Location and GIS Data Sharing
  • Data and Information Sharing

Our aerial intelligence gathering and real-time reporting provide invaluable data during large outdoor gatherings:

  • Demonstrations and Protests
  • Parades
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Sporting events
  • Marathons
  • Concerts
  • Car shows

And in the event of a natural or man-made catastrophe:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Snow Storms
  • Terrorist Attacks

Mutualink’s powerful ecosystem not only enhances communications and responses during emergencies, but is also used daily to improve routine operations and security, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies. Our flexible automated processes provide more meaningful real-time data which allows for faster responsiveness that drives faster decision making. The type of decisions that can save lives.

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