Canada and the United States share the world’s longest undefended border of 5,525 miles along the 49th parallel. This peaceful relationship has allowed for significant trade and people to cross the border for recreation and commerce. With thousands of commercial trucks crossing the Ambassador Bridge every day, the Ministry of Transportation has identified the Windsor-Detroit gateway as Canada’s busiest land border crossing. Running beneath the Detroit River, the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel facilitates the crossing of freight trains between the two countries, carrying $91.6 billion (or 28.2%) of road trade and more than $250 million in commodities that support both economies.

The Windsor-Detroit area is more than just an economic driver. It’s a recreational and entertainment hub as well. Situated on the shores of the Detroit River, multiple communities on both sides of the border benefit from their location on the water way and proximity to the Great Lakes. With all the activity taking place along this international border, law enforcement and public safety agencies find themselves facing unique challenges. From coordinating multi-agency response across international boundaries, to bridging communication silos across jurisdictions and disciplines, law enforcement entities are working together to enhance public safety, preserve the peace, and secure our borders.

Mutualink is working with U.S. and Canadian border agencies to unify communications in support of their missions. From integrating legacy radio systems to instantly sharing data and video, Mutualink solves the most complex interoperability challenges and is dedicated to building connections that make stronger, safer communities.

Unified Communications with True Interoperability®

Mutualink is the trusted leader in push-to-talk multi-agency communications, LMR-to-LTE interoperability, and cross-agency information sharing across our patented, distributed peer-to-peer network. From everyday incident response, to natural and man-made disasters or mass casualty events, responders can seamlessly connect across jurisdictions, regardless of device or carrier.

True Interoperability® allows agencies the freedom to connect disparate legacy systems including land mobile radios, mobile phones, satellite phones and land lines between agencies. The capabilities of the solution are further enhanced by the ability to share video streams from mobile devices, drones, stationary closed-circuit cameras, and any other VoIP streams. Simply put, our truly collaborative platform allows for sharing of voice communications, video and data between agencies in an encrypted format to improve response.

Secure, Incident-based, Multimedia Talkgroups

Mutualink’s technology is unique because it allows agencies to maintain exclusive control over their communication assets by deciding in real-time what is shared, with whom and when. Interoperable communications supported in talkgroups include:

  • Voice: Push-to-talk, Radio, VoIP calling, VoLTE
  • Video: Video cameras (IP or analog), built-in cameras in mobile devices, laptops or webcams, screen sharing applications
  • Group messaging
  • File sharing
  • Location and GIS data sharing
  • Data and information Sharing


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