Big news for mobile emergency response communications: Chilcott Inc’s MERC makes sharing audio, video and text over disparate systems easy, with technology from Mutualink and IP Access.

Virtual base camp tour

With equipment donated by the United States Southern Command’s Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) Program, this Peruvian Engineer Company shares video from their base camp in the Central African Republic.

Sharing images and text, too

This video also shows an image being shared, and text messaging to add clarity and free up audio traffic.

Easy to use 

Chilcott’s MERC sets up quickly (under 30 minutes). And Mutualink’s interoperable communications platform is remarkably easy to use, with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Sharing video and bridging radio was never easier.

Doing business with us is just as easy. For more about Chilcott, visit their website. To learn about Mutualink’s interoperability platform, go to Chilcott’s Mutualink partner page.

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