Public safety agencies have a problem.

They have to find new ways to deal with constant change and increasing complexity.

Constant change and increasing complexity assault your operational effectiveness and make your job harder every day. The arrow of time moves us forward into an inexplicable future. Disasters (natural or man-made), terrorism, fires, floods, and all sorts of events and incidents will continue to happen locally, regionally and nationally. All of these events have been occurring since the beginning of human existence and as time moves on, they will get more complicated and involve more stakeholders than you ever thought possible. More and more public safety agencies will find themselves faced with “wicked problems”.

It is becoming more and more difficult to address todays challenges because the world is experiencing an exponential increase in the rate of change, complexity, and the corresponding information flow. The world is changing ever faster and becoming more complex every day. How can you keep up? How can you ever hope to achieve the highest level of operational excellence, to save lives and property, to provide for the safety and security of the public, in the midst of all this chaos and confusion?

The new way to achieve higher levels of operational excellence is with multi-dimensional information flow through a Public Safety Coordinated Operations Management Platform (PS-COMP).

This white paper provides an overview of Coordinated Operations Management Platforms – what they include, how they can help you deliver operational excellence, and also achieve your operational mission more effectively in a world of constant change and increasing complexity.

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