Mutualink Interoperability

Mutualink enables first responders from every discipline (Fire & Rescue, Police, Park Police, Homeland Security, and federal agencies to communicate cross-functionally in real-time with each other and with command centers.

The Scenario

11,000 people attended an All Lives Matter demonstration in Troy, NY June 2018.

The Objective

Ensure the safety of attendees, organizers, onsite sponsors, business owners, first responders, and the community at large during the demonstration.

The Challenge

  • Monitoring mass gatherings in which hundreds or thousands of people converge, to have voices heard
  • Large outdoor areas consisting of several venues, blocks, and road
  • Multiple unmonitored access points
  • Restricted and/or impaired views
  • A limited number of support personnel
  • Difficulty maneuvering through congested crowds
  • Cross-agency communications and collaboration between participating agencies
  • Real-time information access

The Solution

  • Drone overwatch in support of on-the-ground law enforcement and support vehicles
  • Aerial intelligence gathering
  • Live-streaming data to a centralized command center
  • Coordinate cross-agency and cross-jurisdiction communications – Drone + DOT Cameras + Radio Platforms + Encrypted Networks + PPT Radios
  • Enabled law enforcement to identify and defuse flashpoints as part of crowd control operations

Mutualink Enabled Technology

5 Ways Mutualink helped with public safety:

  1. Cross-agency and cross-jurisdiction communications
  2. Coordinated communications through existing communication hardware
  3. Provided new aerial intelligence using a drone and drone pilot
  4. Real-time data provided to an incident commander from multiple agencies
  5. Identified preemptive solutions that avoided potential threats

Mutualink provided air support to over 2,600 on-ground first-responders. With this emerging UAV live streaming technology, Drones were able to provide real-time aerial intelligence to the command center and on-scene first responders.

We connected disparate radio platforms (on encrypted networks), cell phones, and PTT radios. In less than 30 minutes, communications between field personnel, the command center, and participating UAV pilots were operational.

With a broader and mobile vantage point, the drones were able to monitor the crowds and provide real-time information to the Command Center, where representatives of over 30 agencies with dedicated resources to ensure the safety of all participating in this event. This aerial support also provided real-time traffic patterns and allowed for the re-routing of vehicles to ensure that the participants were kept out of harm’s way.

During the event, it was reported that body armor-clad protesters were attempting to join the main group of participants. With the UAV providing overwatch, these agitators were intercepted and removed from the scene without further incident. The ability of the UAV to provide proximity of the main group to the first responders on the ground intercepting the individuals was crucial to the command center.

The Mutualink Benefit

Mutualink is solving the most complex interoperability challenges our world faces today. We enable unified communications across communities, agencies, field teams, and businesses to share information in order to keep our communities safer while allowing exclusive control over these communications. Users determine what information is shared, with whom, and when.

We connect across devices, systems, applications, and data sources to drive collaboration and information sharing. We support:

  • Voice: Push-to-talk. Radio, VoIP, VoLTE
  • Video: IP and analog video cameras, built-in cameras in mobile devices, laptops or webcams, screen sharing applications
  • Group messaging
  • File sharing
  • Location and GIS data sharing
  • Data and information sharing

Our aerial intelligence gathering and real-time reporting provide invaluable data to support the safety of large outdoor gatherings:

  • Demonstrations and protests
  • Parades
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Sporting events
  • Marathons
  • Concerts
  • Car shows

Because of our flexibility, we are the less expensive and the least limiting solution. Our automated processes provide more meaningful real-time data which allows for faster responsiveness that drive faster decision making. The type of decisions that can save lives.

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