Grant details for tribal public safety will likely be announced in May 2022. If last year’s program is a benchmark, funds will be allocated in June.

By: Mutualink Staff

“There is a relatively short window to apply for the available grants, and Mutualink is here to help you through the process,” said Sonya Richmond, Mutualink’s Grant Manager.

Grant Overview

The overarching goals are to improve public safety and national security.

The Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program (THSGP) provides funding directly to eligible tribes to strengthen their capacities to prevent, prepare for, protect against, and respond to potential terrorist attacks.

The grants can be applied to threats in the following four categories:

  1. Enhancing cybersecurity
  2. Enhancing the protection of soft targets/crowded places
  3. Combating domestic violent extremism
  4. Addressing emerging threats (e.g., transnational criminal organizations, weapons of mass destruction [WMD], unmanned aircraft systems [UASs], etc.).

How Can the Grant be Used?

The funds can be used in different scenarios, for example, to pay for software, equipment, and activities related to:

  • Operational coordination
  • Public information and warning
  • Intelligence and information sharing
  • Screening, search, and detection
  • Access control and identity verification
  • Risk management for protection programs and activities

Grant Use Case Study – Tribal Casinos

Casinos require secure video surveillance to ensure safety and mitigate gaming losses to protect casino assets. The ability to maintain sovereignty over these video assets is paramount.

Casino Public Safety BrochureHowever, sharing the video in real-time with first responders and law enforcement when needed is a game-changer. Mutualink enables casinos to bridge legacy, existing, and new radio (LMR), cell phone (LTE), and video surveillance technologies between each casino and with other community partners.

With an established track record in the casino industry, Mutualink software improves public safety across America.

Download the Casino Security, Compliance, and Public Safety Guide.

Who Can Apply?

Again, using 2021 as a guideline, a “directly eligible tribe” is any federally recognized Indian Tribe that meets the necessary criteria, and it can also apply to a consortium of tribes. Anticipate more information when the 2022 details are released.
Application Prerequisites
There is some preparation work for anyone wanting to apply. In 2021 the requirements included:

  1. FEIN: federal tax identification number
  2. Unique Entity Identify in SAM
  3. SAM listing: System for Award Management (

If you don’t have these in place already, they can take some time to obtain—so start NOW!

Note (1): Remember that FEMA and all federal agencies, as of April 4, 2022, sunset the use of DUNS and have moved to the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) system. If you haven’t already obtained your new number, more information is available here:

How Can Mutualink Help?

Mutualink can guide applicants through the process, including checking eligibility requirements, completing applications, and providing advice on the best way to succeed in your application.

Sonya Richmond, Mutualink Grant Manager, has in-depth knowledge and experience completing grant applications. Sonya’s help can make the difference between a smooth, efficient experience or frustration as you learn how to navigate the process.

Need more information? Click here to schedule a time to chat with Sonya.

About Mutualink, Inc.

Mutualink, Inc. is the leading technology provider of a best-in-class intelligent multimedia platform that enables public safety community partners to securely share voice, text, video, and data for instant communications and real-time data sharing.

Certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act for interoperable communications, partners and clients trust Mutualink, Inc. to provide innovative, scalable, secure solutions they rely on daily and in any emergency. Mutualink is the technology partner of choice for every public safety entity in North America.

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