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Single Wire

The integration of Mutualink’s interoperability solution with Singlewire’s InformaCast offers users a powerful way to reduce time to incident resolution during emergencies. Mutualink helps ensure end-to-end communications. Used to trigger InformaCast actions, such as turning on lights or releasing recorded messages over the intercom, Mutualink behaves as expected to provide interoperable communications between the facility and law enforcement, while supporting communication to those in the facility. Alternatively, InformaCast can trigger a Mutualink incident to generate based on predetermined business rules.


Singlewire InformaCast is integrated with Mutualink’s IWS using the Integration Gateway (IG) when Singlewire triggers a Mutualink incident.

When Mutualink triggers InformaCast to turn on lights, lock down the building, release public announcements or initiate a Singlewire conference call, the integration is accomplished with a TNIC gateway.


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