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  • school staff meeting about crisis plan

Building Partnerships Between Schools and Public Safety

Mutualink and Raptor Technologies talk with senior law enforcement leaders on how to create effective panic alarm systems for schools. Byline: Mutualink Staff Last month Mutualink and Raptor Technologies hosted a webinar featuring senior public safety leaders talking about how to foster more effective partnerships between schools and law enforcement. The past few years have seen a significant rise in school violence, according to the Report on Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2020, published...

April 29th, 2022|Blog|
  • Casino Public Safety

2022 Tribal Grants for Public Safety

Grant details for tribal public safety will likely be announced in May 2022. If last year’s program is a benchmark, funds will be allocated in June. By: Mutualink Staff “There is a relatively short window to apply for the available grants, and Mutualink is here to help you through the process,” said Sonya Richmond, Mutualink’s Grant Manager. Grant Overview The overarching goals are to improve public safety and national security. The Tribal Homeland Security Grant...

April 28th, 2022|Blog|
  • Build Your School Safety Alert System

Build Your School Safety Alert System with Resources from

The Department of Homeland Security launched to promote awareness and share best practices to build a strong school safety alert system. By: Mutualink Staff was launched by the federal government in 2020 to provide schools and districts with actionable recommendations to create a safe and supportive learning environment where students can thrive and grow. This one-stop safety shop has multiple resources for schools on a range of topics including: Emergency Planning Threat Assessment...

April 11th, 2022|Blog|
  • university staff reviewing emergency operations plan

How to Protect Multiple Campuses with a Panic Alarm System for Schools

Director of Security Mike Favorit describes how Mutualink technology protects Valencia College in Orlando, Florida By: Mutualink Staff Mutualink maintains a constant dialogue with all its customers to understand their needs. This is an important way to ensure we develop the technology to help build safer, smarter and more collaborative communities. Recently we sat down with Mike Favorit, Director of Security at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Director Favorit has spent a lifetime in public...

April 1st, 2022|Blog|
  • Male high school teacher and students walking in hallway

Keys to an Effective School Safety Alert System

Senior law enforcement leaders discuss some of the disconnects that hinder school safety alert efforts. By: Mutualink Staff Mutualink recently hosted a webinar featuring senior law enforcement leaders discussing the challenges to providing effective k-12 school security. Chief Craig Miller, Sheriff Paul Penzone, and Mutualink’s own Chrissie Coon shared their perspectives. Click here to read an earlier post on this webinar. Paul Penzone serves as sheriff for Maricopa County, Arizona, and spent 21 years in...

March 29th, 2022|Blog|
  • keeping k-12 children safe at school

The Challenges to Effective K-12 School Security

Senior law enforcement leaders share their front-line takes on K-12 school security challenges By: Mutualink Staff Mutualink recently hosted a webinar featuring senior law enforcement leaders discussing the challenges to providing effective k-12 school security. Chief Craig Miller, Sheriff Paul Penzone, and Mutualink’s own Chrissie Coon shared their perspectives. Paul Penzone serves as sheriff for Maricopa County, Arizona. Maricopa is the fourth largest county in the country by population and the fastest growing. Sheriff Penzone...

March 25th, 2022|Blog|
  • 911 Continuation of Service

Mutualink Provides Continuation of Service when 911 Call Centers Go Down

911 Call Centers are a lifeline between the public and the police, fire, medical, and emergency services. From time to time these call centers go down for a variety of reasons – mother nature, maintenance, accidents. How you prepare for this inevitability can be the difference between life and death. By: Mutualink Staff There are more than 6,000 911 call centers or Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) across the country with an estimated 240 million...

March 16th, 2022|Blog|
  • school safety emergency

School Safety – How Automated Response is Changing the Game

When responding to a school safety emergency, time is of the essence. The more information you have at your fingertips, the quicker you can respond and resolve the incident. By: Mutualink Staff School Shootings Reach an All-Time High More school shootings were recorded in 2021 than at any time since data started being collected, according to NewsNation and Education Week: 34,000 children were exposed to gun violence 249 incidents 34 school shootings resulting in injury...

March 8th, 2022|Blog|
  • Improving disaster communication

How to Improve Disaster Communication – An Interview with Chief Craig Miller

Craig Miller, former Chief of Police at the Dallas Independent School District, shares his front-line take on disaster communication. By: Mutualink Staff Chief Craig Miller spent 37 years protecting the citizens of Dallas, Texas. Beginning as a sworn police officer in 1982, he rose to the rank of Deputy Chief of the Dallas Police force – the eighth largest force in the U.S. - before retiring in 2011. During his career, he worked patrol, vice,...

February 10th, 2022|Blog|
  • Mutualink LNK360™ has the certifications and the experience to protect the next generation

LNK360™ – Certified School Safety Alert Solution

Incidents of school violence are increasing, and many companies claim their technology can help. But only Mutualink LNK360™ has the certifications and the experience needed to protect the next generation. By: Mutualink Staff The return of in-person teaching across America has seen a corresponding increase in school violence. In 2021 there were 168 incidents of gunfire on school grounds, resulting in 36 deaths and 99 injuries. These tragedies are no longer isolated incidents, and no...

February 7th, 2022|Blog|
  • Dallas schools have implemented police departments for school safety

School Safety: A School Police Chief’s Perspective

One of the most important challenges our communities face today is school safety. By: Mutualink Staff Recently we were fortunate enough to sit down with Chief Craig Miller (retired) of the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) to ask his perspective on school safety. Before we dive in, here is a little background on Chief Miller. Chief Craig Miller, former Chief of Police at Dallas Independent School District, shares his insight on school safety. Prior to...

February 3rd, 2022|Blog|
  • Remote Resource Monitoring for Public Safety

Mutualink Optimizes Remote Resource Monitoring, Reducing Time to Resolution

During a critical event, Mutualink can remotely leverage existing closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors, to improve communications and reduce the time to resolution. By: Mutualink Staff The Scenario Any facility in which the public gathers – schools, shopping malls, theaters, office buildings, retail spaces, hospitals, sporting arenas — has the potential to become critical. In both natural disasters such as tornados or man-made events such as an active shooter, reducing the time to resolution can save...

January 26th, 2022|Blog|