A Chain Is No Stronger Than Its Weakest Link

But do you know yours? We do – and we have the insights and tools to repair it. Read on for critical lessons from past tragedies and the present-day, proven solutions that securely enhance your school’s safety. 



A school hallway with the rushing blurred images of children and youth moving through the halls, symbolizing the passage of time throughout the day and potentially demonstrating some type of emergency response.



Learning From the Past

What did Parkland High School, Robb Elementary School, and The Covenant School in Nashville all have in common? They had established security measures in place. 

From panic buttons and surveillance cameras to communication devices and access systems, they felt they had the necessary tools to face a crisis – until tragedy struck. 

What was the weak link in their emergency response plans? Their systems did not cater to two crucial resources in a crisis.



Emergency Response Plan: An artistic image of police cars in an emergency response - it is almost abstract. The bottom half is very dark, nearly black filling the screen but you can see the shape of police vehicles. In the top third of the image you can see iconic police lights, red and blue, with a foggy haze around them all. The very top of the image is a dark sky, illuminated by the police lights as they respond to an emergency. It is not threatening or aggressive but feels serious and emotional.



Two Crucial Resources in a Crisis

The two crucial resources in a crisis are time and information. Without them, your security measures simply fall short.

911 calls to the police will initiate a visit to your location – but instant connection to your region’s emergency responders empowers a coordinated response.

Reviewing surveillance footage after an incident can help explain an outcome – but immediate access to live footage can help change it. 

Your existing technology isn’t the problem – but it also isn’t the solution.



An emergency response officer is reviewing the details of an alert he just received. He is on the right hand side of the image looking to the left, where you can see his two monitors. On the monitors you see he is using Mutualink's Automated Emergency Response solution - the sophisticated and secure technology gives him immediate visual and communication access with the school who made the alert, as well as smart floor plans. He is serious, focused, and dedicated to conducting the most efficient emergency response.



The Solution for Your School’s Emergency Response Plan

Mutualink’s Automated Emergency Response Solution works seamlessly with your existing security investments and connects them, converting your school’s panic buttons, cameras, and radios into tools that help responders help you.

With military-grade security standards, FERPA & HIPAA compliance, and an ACLU endorsement, it is a proven and reliable solution for sharing information in real-time with first responders, speeding response time – and saving lives – in a crisis.



In the left hand side of the image you see the front of a police car. There is a school in the distance, visible in the top third of the image. The focus of the image, taking up the middle to right hand side, is a Police woman. She is facing the viewer, and appears relaxed, confident and happy. She is talking to two young girls, both of whom are facing the office, backs to us. You can tell everyone feels safe and comfortable. It appears that the office responded to an emergency at the school which was handled swiftly with a positive outcome. You can feel the joy and relief of all involved.



How to Bring Mutualink to Your School

Learn more about Mutualink’s Automated Emergency Response Solution and get connected with members of our team by Scheduling A Demo.

We’re proud to offer a cost-effective solution that leverages your prior security investments to make your schools and communities safer. We also understand that affordability is different for everyone, and school funding can be limited. That’s why we have teams dedicated to finding and sharing grant opportunities that fund our solutions. 

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