Orlando, Fl.   Today, Mutualink, Inc. and TrafficLand, Inc. announced a new partnership, which will enable Mutualink customers to gain direct real-time traffic camera access to video across the nation as part of its national interoperability network.  Under the arrangement, emergency response agencies and support entities will be able to access and view live traffic camera feeds as they collaborate with one another, providing another source of critical information for coordinated assessment and response.   The new video content will be accessible through Mutualink’s real-time geospatial user interface, which provides real-time information from sensors and other data sources.

Real-Time Traffic Camera Access

The TrafficLand real-time video will be integrated into the Mutualink platform and made available in secure interoperable incident sessions with necessary partners.  According to Mark Hatten, Chief Executive Officer of Mutualink, the new partnership adds valuable ground information to Mutualink’s enhanced multimedia interoperability platform. “Mutualink’s interactive mapping interface offers real-time content such as weather, traffic, air, maritime and vehicle location, end-user locations, social media and a variety of other relevant real-time data sources in a fused information display interface for better situational awareness. This is done on an incident session specific view basis as well as a general network view basis within our real-time interoperable communications and collaboration framework that is powerful,” said Hatten.

According to Lawrence Nelson, the CEO of TrafficLand, the new partnership offers exciting possibilities by leveraging TrafficLand’s national content footprint and Mutualink’s national interoperability network. “We are excited about this new partnership because both companies are leaders in their respective areas.  TrafficLand network video offers eyes-on-the-ground, real-time content today, and is working with its partners to develop advanced analytic tools for roadway incidents and weather-related that will be very useful for first responders.  The usefulness of this content and our capabilities are magnified within a real-time interoperable collaboration network of partner agencies working together.”

According to Mutualink, TrafficLand content will be made available as part of its standard platform offering without additional cost to its customers.  More advanced access and analytics options will be made available as well for those agencies requiring additional services.

March 7, 2018

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