Mobile offering enables multimedia collaboration for everyday interoperability

Chicago, IL – At IACP 2015 today, Mutualink introduced Edge @Team – one of the first-ever Push-to-Talk (PTT) offerings to enable users to securely send and receive streaming video, voice and text in real time. The added “Push to See” functionality is extremely useful for law enforcement, public safety personnel, and any organization using PTT as part of their daily communications needs. Unlike alternative solutions, @Team exists on a nationwide, secure broadband network, enabling unprecedented inter-agency communication. Demonstrations of @Team’s capabilities can be seen at Booth 2244 at IACP.

As Mutualink’s latest mobile solution for first responders, @Team seamlessly integrates into the Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP) – the nation’s largest nationwide network of state and local responder agencies, emergency operations centers, and other critical entities. Within this environment, @Team will provide LTE (either commercial 4G or FirstNet) to LMR functionality and deliver and receive real-time video situational awareness to talkgroups and interoperable communication sessions. Mutualink’s solution is priced competitively with currently-available PTT products, while offering significant value-added features.­

“Mutualink’s Edge @Team enables all of the Washington Common Operating Platform (WA-COP) participants to deploy one platform for all their communications needs,” said Bob Pessemier of Pessemier Consulting Services, who is the Senior Consultant on the WA-COP project. “Whether we’re sharing real-time intelligence with an internal talk-group, or collaborating across multiple agencies, jurisdictions, and stakeholders to coordinate a regional emergency response, we can count on Mutualink’s technology to be effective and reliable every time.”

Mutualink’s Edge @Team solution delivers secure PTT functionality over smartphones, with market-leading advanced capabilities:

  • Multiple Talkgroups: Manage pre-established and ad hoc talkgroups with an intuitive interface
  • Push-to-Talk Interoperability: Full radio interoperability with LMR, P25 and LTE
  • Push-to-Text: Send and receive text messages from your @Team push-to-talk application
  • Push-to-See: Send and receive video to and from your mobile device, securely, in real time
  • Military-Grade Security: Advanced military-grade encryption with interoperable end-to-end encryption with LMR, LTE and P25 systems
  • Multimode Capability: Works seamlessly across commercial LTE, private LTE and WiFi enabled handsets
  • Selective Location Display and Map Functionality: Selectively control the real-time display of personnel location for sensitive operations and use scenarios

Edge @Team can be deployed within an enterprise as a stand-alone communication product, or in conjunction with Mutualink’s interoperability platform for seamless, secure collaboration with other agencies. Interfacing with Mutualink’s platform is as easy as dragging-and-dropping a talk group into the secure incident management system. Mutualink’s PTT solution is competitively priced for scaled deployment across the agency or organization.

“Edge @Team combines the convenience of a narrowband push-to-talk radio with the extraordinary power of a smartphone – all connected to a secure, nationwide broadband network,” said Colin McWay, Mutualink’s President. “We’ve created a one-device solution for everyday interoperability. Whether your organization is trying to save lives or save time, Edge @Team will give you multimedia collaboration capabilities you won’t find anywhere else.”

Mutualink is the established leader for delivering intra- and inter-agency interoperability for public safety and defense organizations. The new Edge @Team solution further extends their portfolio, bringing multimedia collaboration to traditional Push-to-Talk users on mobile devices.

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