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Mutualink EDGE@Team Multimedia Push-to-Talk

During an emergency, timely resolution saves lives. During daily activities, quick access to individuals and information via push-to-talk (PTT) cuts down on steps. Built to bring Incident Command System (ICS) best practices to the devices first responders use daily, @Team multimedia push-to-talk turns your iPhone or Android phone into an optimal situational awareness tool. From the management console, @Team talk groups can be bridged with radio systems – including between your agency and your partners!

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Multimedia Advantage

Push-to-Talk Plus Video

@Team provides secure push-to-talk capability. But now imagine, rather than voice alone, your team is sharing photos, streaming video, even data files. That’s the @Team advantage of two-way video sharing.

One-to-Many Sharing

@Team supports one-to-many voice, video and data sharing in real time, securely. Each @Team user can also participate in Mutualink collaboration sessions with outside agencies through their agency’s Interoperable Workstation (IWS) appliance or Edge IWS application (with dispatch enabled and licensed). This means secure radio to PTT interoperability.

EoIP & Location Services

@Team runs on iPhone and Android phones using secure Everything-over-IP protocol. So now push- to-talk is more like push-to-see+talk. All forms of connectivity are supported. Geolocation maps show where your team is in real time (optional by device/user)

Key App Features

Multiple Talkgroups

@Team supports multiple talkgroups per device, including managed and ad hoc groups. Groups are always on, with real-time access. Broadcast voice, video and text to all group members at once.

Trusted Interoperability

With a track record of providing secure, ad hoc interoperable communications to the public safety and critical infrastructure industry for years, Mutualink stands as a reliable partner.

Access to the IRAPP Network

As part of an agency-level Mutualink deployment, @Team users can participate in Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP) network incidents. Join the hundreds of agencies that collaborate daily, for large planned events, and during emergency situations. Mutual aid incidents resolve quicker with LMR <–> LTE bridged across agencies.

Key Architecture Benefits

Secure & Scalable

HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant, with triple-redundant military-grade AES-256 encryption, @Team protects communications from leakage or hacking. Virtual Private Network (VPN) for added security. @Team is a hosted solution, so users can be added as needed; agencies aren’t limited by capacity of on-premise solutions.

Flexible Administration

Each agency manages their own users from an Edge Device Manager (EDM), so roles can be changed as a dynamic event unfolds. Interagency incidents managed from a dispatch-enabled IWS appliance or application can include @Team talk groups, bridging communications from your teams in the field with disparate radio or other PTT applications.

Easy Installation

Download @Team clients from the App and Play Stores. Download Edge IWS for Windows here. Activate using credentials supplied by your agency EDM administrator.

Finally, Push-to-talk that works the way you need it to in today’s broadband world.
Send and receive video, one-to-many voice and text, always-on. Always secure.

  • Multiple talkgroups – managed or ad hoc
  • Always on, real-time communications
  • Broadcast voice, video, text and data to a group
  • Trusted interoperability provider
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Full multimedia collaboration: text, streaming video, data,
    location awareness. And voice, too.
  • Send and receive video using your device camera or
    stored photo or files
  • Software-as-a-Service deployment means no on-site
  • Location services – locate your team members in real time
Team with Mutualink’s Edge IWS
Use @Team with Mutualink’s Edge IWS for optimal Incident Command in accordance with federal NIMs standards.
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