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In addition to Texas School Safety issues, this page will include news for Texas parents, educators, administrators and law enforcement professionals. This includes best practice examples in the fields of emergency management and public safety for Texas.

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Senate committee explores how Texans, social media companies can prevent mass violence

Legislative Guidance: Emergency Operations Plans – Texas School Safety Center

The 86th session of the Texas Legislature enacted many changes to statutes in efforts to help improve school safety and security. This video, from the Texas School Safety Center, provides helpful guidance to Texas ISDs as they begin to understand SB 11 and its impact on school safety planning. These plans must include provisions for teacher reporting of emergencies, as well as for multihazard response communications.

Texas Schools Turning to Technology for Added Safety Measure

By Karina Kling Texas              

AUSTIN, Texas — This week is national school safety week and more and more school districts are turning to technology as an added safety tool. Mutualink is one tool Texas districts are utilizing. It instantly connects schools with first responders and is being used to enhance safety readiness and response.

Watch the video on the Spectrum News website.

Texas Senate Committee on Education: Testimony of the Texas City ISD Executive Director of Security and Safety

March 2019 – Texas lawmakers discussed what can be done to prevent or mitigate school tragedies. Mike Matranga, former Secret Service agent, shared what some consider to be best practices for mitigation. In June 2019, the Senate passed TX SB11, which includes requirements for school to law enforcment communications.

Action Taken in Texas

State and local leaders across Texas are taking significant steps to ensure school safety is a top priority. Through legislation, executive orders, and additional education funding, leaders are highlighting the importance of safeguarding campuses, preparing for worst-case scenarios, and improving communication channels between schools and first responders. Some significant laws recently passed regarding school safety in Texas, include:

  • Sept. 2013: State law created a school marshal program allowing armed school workers in Texas schools.
  • June 2018: Gov. Greg Abbott launches a reporting system called iWatchTexas, allowing Texans to report potential threats in their communities and schools — highlighting the need for better communication between private citizens and law enforcement agencies in thwarting crises.
  • Sept. 2019: School districts are instructed to implement emergency plans. Including recommendations outlined by Gov. Greg Abbott after the Santa Fe High School shooting, the law asks schools to assess their current protocols and identify essential improvements to keep students and facility safe.
  • Sept. 2019: In response to the mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa, Gov. Greg Abbott issues a series of executive orders focused on strengthening law enforcement’s ability to prevent future mass shootings by improving reporting channels.
  • Sept. 2019: State leaders allocate hundreds of millions of dollars in additional education funding for schools to implement new and improved campus safety measures.

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