Texas School Safety Standards Formula Grant Program

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Following the Uvalde tragedy, Governor Abbott and the state’s Legislative Budget Board collaborated to put into place a comprehensive financial plan for school districts to improve school safety measures with an emergency funding declaration.
The most recent initiative is the School Safety Standards Formula Grant initiative. This program has $400 million in funding available to improve hardening and safety protocol capabilities. This program was developed by the Texas Education Agency to help school districts meet the new requirements. These updated standards include a wide range of areas, such as technical advancements including notification and reunification systems, physical hardening and equipment, and mental and behavioral health programs.

Program Details and How to Apply

Here’s a breakdown of the program details and how to apply. The description in blue applies to Mutualink’s product and services.

Texas 2022-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant Program

Texas Education Agency (TEA)

Local Education Agencies (LEA) including public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools

August 1, 2023, 5 PM CST

Each district will have a preset amount they can apply for. Find each LEA’s preset funding amounts here.
  • The LEA must first expend all its SB500 School Safety and Security Grant (school hardening funds).
  • The LEA must expend these grant funds to meet minimum compliance to implement the new safety standards applicable to Chapter 61, Sub-chapter CC, 61.031 of Commissioner’s Rules.
  • The LEA must comply with all intruder detection audit requirements.
  • Only costs for the purchase and installation of security related activities detailed in the Allowable Activities section below will be allowed to be charged to the grant.
  • These grant funds will be monitored for programmatic and fiscal compliance during the grant period, and potentially post-grant period.
  • Fencing
  • Exterior doors
  • Glass exterior doors not within a secured area
  • Ground level exterior windows
  • Silent panic alert technology
  • Purchase and installation of equipment that allows emergency responder two-way radios to function within most portions of the building(s)
  • Exterior door numbering
  • Purchasing alpha-numerical characters that comply with the International Fire Code, §505
  • Installation materials.
  • Exterior secure master key lock box with two lock access and installation materials
  • Asbestos remediation as needed related to the replacement of door frames or window frames to be compliant with the school safety standards
  • Installation of the Aforementioned Components: Contracted installation and Payroll for LEA maintenance or operations staff installation

Find more information on safety standards here.

The purchase and maintenance of:

  • security cameras or other security equipment; and
  • technology, including communications systems or devices, that facilitates communication and information sharing between students, school personnel, and first responders in an emergency;

Providing security for the district, including:

  • employing school district peace officers, private security officers, and school marshals; and
  • collaborating with local law enforcement agencies, such as entering into a memorandum of understanding for the assignment of school resource officers to schools in the district; School safety and security training and planning, including:
  • active shooter and emergency response training;
  • prevention and treatment programs relating to addressing adverse childhood experiences; and
  • the prevention, identification, and management of emergencies and threats, using evidence-based, effective prevention practices and including providing licensed counselors, social workers, and individuals trained in restorative discipline and restorative justice practices; providing mental health personnel and support; providing behavioral health services;
  • establishing threat reporting systems;
  • developing and implementing programs focused on restorative justice practices, culturally relevant instruction, and providing mental health support; and Providing programs related to suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

Metal Detectors
Two-way radio systems
Electronic door-locking systems

Start by registering for a TEA Login if the district or school does not already have an account. Directions can be found here.
Visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Then, look for “2022-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant” in the chart of listed opportunities.

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