Texas Senate Select Committee on Mass Violence Meets

Thank you to Wes Rapaport for speaking with Mutualink’s Solutions Executive in Texas, Devra Kelly, last week in Austin to discuss the legislature’s focus on solving mass violence in Texas.

In addition to Texas Department of Public Safety, several county public safety agencies and school districts use Mutualink’s interoperability platform to improve communications and information sharing. The solution connects disparate radio systems within and agency, and also enables secure sharing of voice, video and data between school and first responders, as well as between mutual repsonse agencies in the event of major crises.

Devra Kelly said, “We’re there to make the response faster, to be more complete and to save lives. It’s a fairly simple mission.”

Click below to see the video.



Hat tip to Steffi Lee and KXAN for their previous coverage of school safety issues last June during the School Safety Conference.

And we applaud the ongoing efforts of the Texas legislature to take on the big issues. Earlier this year, Senate Bill 11 provided funding for schools to improve safety, including by school hardening and infrastructure measures, cameras and other security technology, collaboration tools to better coordinate with law enforcement agencies, and employment of in-school peace and security officers, as well as training.

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