Mutualink and IP Access International Partner for On Demand, Out of Band Multimedia Collaboration

Wallingford, CT – Mutualink, Inc. and IP Access International announced a new disaster resilient emergency communications solution for public safety and critical infrastructure entities that enables real time, interoperable voice, video and data communications during major disasters.  The solution ensures that agencies maintain critical interoperable communications with other agency partners and critical infrastructure entities, even in cases where traditional communications networks are rendered inoperative.  By combining Mutualink’s national always-on interoperable network (known as the IRAPP) with IP Access’ advanced broadband satellite solution, agencies can ensure connectivity with critical partners and services in times of disaster.  Mutualink’s rapidly growing IRAPP network is the only emergency interoperability network of its kind, also used in daily operations, with more than 1,000 public safety and critical infrastructure entities participating on a nationwide basis.

Mutualink creates local to national real time interoperability by enabling agencies to securely bridge voice communications systems, such as radios and telephones, and share video, files and data on demand with other partner agencies on the IRAPP in times of emergency.  The system employs an innovative peer-based architecture that enables agencies to collaborate at any time while retaining full security and control over their systems and assets.  Mutualink’s solution is also network agnostic, meaning an agency can use any Internet-enabled connection to reach the network, including wired, wireless, FirstNet and satellite-based broadband connectivity.  Because of the peer-based nature of the system and lack of centralized server or switch, agencies connect with each other dynamically on demand.  Utilizing the advanced broadband satellite capabilities provided by IP Access, communications between and among partner agencies will be delivered without ever having to route through ground-based communications networks that may be damaged or impaired in a disaster.

According to Bryan Hill, CEO of IP Access, “Mutualink is the latest addition to our ‘Off The Grid’ solutions.  By hosting Mutualink within our satellite network we are able to allow agencies the ability to collaborate and communicate without the need for an Internet connection.  With all the concerns about denial of service attacks, Malware, etc., this level of autonomy is key. The solution also offers back-up resiliency by enabling the delivery of interoperable communications and multimedia collaboration through software as a service in the case where an agency’s physical infrastructure is damaged.  The solution we are announcing solves critical issues for agencies and entities where continuity of operations is a must,” according to Mr. Hill.  “It does no good if a public safety agency can only talk to itself.  It needs to be interoperable and capable of bridging communications and sharing information at will with other partner agencies and it needs to have the ability be able to reach partners in the worst of circumstances, including situations where conventional networks are failing or damaged.  We have seen these capability gaps and vulnerabilities hamper effective emergency response time and time again.  This SaaS solution solves these problems in an affordable and proven way.”

According to Mutualink, the solution is ideal for any agency or critical infrastructure entity that needs assured resiliency and guaranteed communications with partners. “There is no other system like the IRAPP in existence in terms of its scale, capability and importance,” says Mark Hatten, Chief Executive Officer of Mutualink. “Mutualink is proving it is solving the nation’s long unsolved and persistent problem of the lack of interoperability between first responders as well as the community of critical infrastructure entities.  By partnering with IP Access on this innovative solution, we are providing agencies with a level of capability and resiliency that ensures collaboration and communication in the most challenging of circumstances.  If you can’t communicate and coordinate, you can’t help, and when conventional communications networks fail that is precisely when help is most needed.”

About Mutualink

Mutualink, Inc. has developed an interoperable communications platform that enables community-wide multimedia sharing of radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment. Mutualink’s system is currently deployed by hundreds of public and private entities worldwide, including homeland security and defense installations, NATO Special Operations Forces, police and fire departments, transit authorities, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping malls, casinos, and more. Mutualink is a privately-held company headquartered in Wallingford, Conn., with R&D facilities in Westford, Mass. and Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, and Defense Services office near Washington, DC. For more information please visit

About IP Access International 

IP Access International is a global satellite network operator delivering fixed and mobile satellite solutions to businesses and governments around the world. IP Access International offers high performance, end-to-end networking for voice, video and data services on land and sea via a sophisticated infrastructure of linked satellites and land networks, IP Access International provides multi-network communications all through a single source provider. IP Access International’s global headquarters are located in San Juan Capistrano, California, U.S.A. For more information, visit or call 866-510-7889.

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