OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada – Forrest Green has partnered with Mutualink, Inc., a trusted technology leader for public safety solutions, to bring Canadian first responders a trusted, secure, interoperable emergency communication network.

Forrest Green is a leading provider of solutions for Police Services with security-cleared bilingual employees.


“Information and communication are the lifeblood of public safety in an emergency. Mutualink is proud to offer Canadian public safety officials a tool that will help them save lives and protect communities. Forrest Green is just the partner to help deliver it,” said Mark Guthrie, Chief Growth Officer, Mutualink, Inc.


Mutualink’s LNK360™ platform, now available across Canada, delivers unprecedented collaboration and instant communication by building a single, seamless communications bridge between public safety agencies during critical incidents. This bridge allows first responders and others as required to relay voice, video, and visual data communications between one another, remote command centers, and other partner agencies.

Incident-based Collaboration – Agencies can now maintain total control of their communication assets and initiate communications and data exchange with partners on demand.

True Interoperability® – Creates a single mutual aid communications channel inclusive of land mobile radio (LMR) users, LTE smartphone users, and web-based users.

As Mutualink builds Canada’s public safety network, first responders will have access to any other agency or user on the network even across the US-Canada border. This unprecedented access will bridge communications between agencies in small incidents but will be most valuable in large-scale disasters like the massive wildfires experienced this year.


“Our bilingual team is proud to support the market leader in U.S. emergency communications and bring one of the most technologically advanced solutions of its kind to Canada,” Jean-Michel Blais, VP of Quebec & Eastern Canada, Forrest Green.


This solution is ideal for private sector and public sector entities at the federal, provincial and municipal levels at all sizes.

The Forrest Green Master Distribution partnership will facilitate a bilingual Protected ‘B’ solution hosted in Canada. Forrest Green looks forward to collaboration with other key partners across Canada to serve a common mission.

About Mutualink, Inc.

Mutualink, Inc. is the leading technology provider of public safety solutions certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Partners and customers trust Mutualink, Inc. to provide innovative, scalable, secure solutions they rely on every day and in any emergency.

About Forrest Green

Established in 1987, the Forrest Green Group of Companies has a proven record of delivering innovative and impactful solutions with private sector firms, public sector entities, police services, and Indigenous communities across Canada. The entire Senior Leadership Team has Canadian federal government secret clearance which reflects the long-term trusted advisor relationships established with clients in the public sector.

Today, Forrest Green’s platform, a unique, leading online police record check solution, services more than 50% of all municipal police agencies in Canada. Working exclusively with police in this space, Forrest Green continually delivers capabilities that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the police record check process while retaining revenue within the communities served by these policing services.

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Chief Customer Experience Officer

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