Personal “Internet of Public Safety Things” Device Speeds Response Times, Saves Lives

WALLINGFORD, Conn., – Mutualink has developed the world’s first wearable communications gateway that enables first responders to share multimedia information with command posts and other agencies in real time over secure wide area networks. In emergency situations where saving time = saving lives, the Wearable Smart Gateway™ (WSG™), powered by the tiny and ultra-low power Intel® Edison™  chip, significantly reduces response times and helps first responders overcome the classic challenges of situational “blindness.”

The WSG bridges critical devices used by first responders – including body cameras, heart rate monitors, locator beacons, and other handheld sensors – and instantly and securely transmits this data to relevant parties. This capability vastly improves situational awareness and provides unprecedented interoperability to first responders.

The Wearable Smart Gateway is the first in a series of devices to emerge from the Internet of Public Safety Things (IoPST™) initiative spearheaded by Mutualink. IoPST™ aims to better equip the next generation of first responders with interconnected technology that can ultimately save lives in emergency scenarios.

The IoPST™ leverages current communications tools, incorporates state-of-the-art emerging technologies, and prepares for the nationwide roll-out of FirstNet, the first-ever dedicated, high-speed, nationwide wireless communications network for public safety. When implemented with advanced IoPST™ technologies, FirstNet will improve communications between agencies and allow the public safety community to exchange critical information when it is most needed.

Public safety officials today wear and carry a number of devices for various functions, but typically these devices don’t easily communicate with one another, nor do they connect to command-and-control or to other agencies. The WSG eliminates these constraints and increases the efficiency of all devices by connecting them – to each other and to relevant parties – in real time through a secure network to share voice, video, health sensor data, location, and much more.

Potential first responder applications for the Wearable Smart Gateway™:

  • Real-Time Video Streaming from Body Camera: Police officers streaming hands-free live video from body cameras to the command center, providing real-time intelligence during an incident.
  • First Responder Personal Health Diagnostics: Fire fighters sending biosensor data to the command post, making early detection of distress or exhaustion possible.
  • Multi-Location Crisis Management: SWAT teams transmitting up-to-the-minute wide area and accurate indoor location data to officers in a Mobile Command Vehicle during a terrorist manhunt or active shooter situation.

“The Wearable Smart Gateway harnesses the endless possibilities of the tiny Intel Edison module for an application with life-saving potential,” said Patrick Flynn, Director of Homeland and National Security Programs for Intel Security. “And Intel technology ( is critical to the effectiveness of this solution at every stage – from video transmission to encryption to processing. As FirstNet is built out, devices such as the Wearable Smart Gateway will help ensure reliable, instantaneous communications between members of the public safety community. FirstNet is the super highway that will connect first responders not only with each other but also with national, state, local and tribal databases and information sources. Together, with the advancements created by Mutualink, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation for the public safety community.”

When a first responder wears or carries the palm-sized WSG™, data is securely transmitted from cameras; body sensors for heart rate, environmental irritants, etc.; and other electronic devices, such as public safety drone and robot controllers, to Mutualink’s secure multimedia network. The Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP) is the largest and only nationwide network of its kind, connecting hundreds of state and local responder agencies, emergency operations centers, hospitals and other critical infrastructure facilities for seamless interoperable communications and information sharing daily and in times of emergency.

“The WSG is a high-performance multimedia gateway leveraging mobility, connectivity, resiliency and cloud ecosystems for next-generation first responders,” said Dr. Mike Wengrovitz, Mutualink’s Vice President of Innovation. “We are honored to collaborate with Intel, a world-class innovation company, on this technology breakthrough that would truly make Thomas Edison proud.”

FirstNet Ready

In another industry first, the Wearable Smart Gateway was recently used in conjunction with the FirstNet Band 14 public safety broadband JerseyNet network in New Jersey, and during the International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico. In addition, multiple SWAT teams recently tested the WSG during Urban Shield response exercises in California and noted the technology’s potential for life-saving and advanced situational awareness capabilities.

The WSG will be demonstrated in Mutualink’s booth (2244) during IACP 2015 in Chicago on October 24-27. To see the capability first-hand, please contact

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