JUICE 2015 Strives for Full Joint and Coalition Interoperability

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD – For the fourth consecutive year, Mutualink is playing an integral role as a core capability at the Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise (JUICE), the U.S. Army’s premier joint, coalition, and interagency communications event taking place during June. Mutualink’s multimedia interoperable communications and collaboration technology seamlessly and securely connects all participants on demand anywhere in the world – including all branches of the military, federal, state, local governments, and foreign partners – via a resilient, peer-to-peer ad hoc network utilizing any available IP transport to include wireline, wireless and satellite.

The theme of JUICE 2015, “Expeditionary Communications in a Joint Information Environment,” is reflected in the numerous vignettes that are designed to train, validate, and assess warfighter communications capabilities to enable full Joint and Coalition interoperability. Mutualink’s Multimedia Gateway (MMG™) serves as the communications backbone for these exercises, allowing participants to securely collaborate in real time to quickly and effectively achieve their mission.

Mutualink’s innovative MMG serves as an on demand secure, bridging platform for disparate communications technologies, enabling participants to use their own equipment, including commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tablets and devices. Personnel are able to remotely join, collaborate, and selectively share multimedia resources – radio, telephony, full motion video, chat, files, data, and location – regardless of their location, available network, or device. This capability provides tremendous flexibility and readiness for strategic and tactical purposes.

“Military and coalition personnel are faced with an increasingly complex communication environment, and real-time information sharing can mean the difference between a mission’s success or failure,” said retired Air Force Colonel Sonny Blinkinsop, Director of Mutualink Defense Services. “We’re honored to be deeply involved with JUICE to help strengthen national security and emergency preparedness through improved multi-agency communications and joint information sharing capabilities.  Our platform is a cost effective, always on, always available, on demand capability that selectively bridges not only voice, but also allows for the secure sharing of critical ISR assets among partners to help improve situational awareness.”

Building on the achievements and lessons learned from JUICE 2014, this year’s exercise will bring together more than a dozen U.S. government departments and agencies, including DoD and Homeland Security, to enable true 21st Century secure interoperability and collaboration. Mutualink’s technology will be pivotal in these real-world scenarios, helping to prepare for the dynamic conditions and environments of tomorrow’s military operations. According to the JUICE-14 final report, “By leveraging cutting-edge commercial technologies, the difficulty of inter-agency communication can be all but eliminated, and the capability to communicate between phones and radios has been established and successfully tested.”

Mutualink’s Multimedia Gateway is Information Assurance (IA) and Interoperability (IO) certified to operate on Department of Defense (DoD) and NATO networks, as well as the networks servicing a number of local, state, and federal jurisdictions. MMG is listed in the DoD’s Approved Products List (APL) and is authorized for use by all Services and agencies of the DoD.

About Mutualink

Mutualink, Inc. has developed an interoperable communications platform that enables community-wide multimedia sharing of radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment. Mutualink’s system is currently deployed by hundreds of public and private entities worldwide, including homeland security and defense installations, NATO Special Operations Forces, police and fire departments, schools and universities, transit authorities, hospitals, shopping malls, casinos, and more. Mutualink is a privately-held company headquartered in Wallingford, CT, with R&D facilities in Westford, MA and Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, and Defense Services office near Washington, DC. For more information please visit www.mutualink.net.

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