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Hyperconnected Interoperability with LNK360™ by Mutualink

Posted at August 2, 2021
Hyperconnected Interoperability with LNK360™ by Mutualink

An intelligent communications platform designed to connect your universe.

Wallingford, Conn. – Mutualink, Inc., the leading technology provider for unified communications and interoperability, announced today the launch of LNK360™, an intelligent platform that establishes instant incident-based communications and drives unprecedented coordination for public safety. LNK360™ seamlessly bridges voice, video, IoT systems, and data communications into a single platform to improve situational awareness and coordinated, safer response- every day and in any emergency.

Mutualink is dedicated to serving the public safety mission and has seen significant growth as first responders turn to technology as a force multiplier. LNK360™ is released as part of a company growth and expansion strategy that aims to increase user adoption and improve customer experience. LNK360™ was born to meet the ever-evolving needs of public safety users by solving the most advanced interoperability challenges from cross-agency collaboration to cross-carrier communications.

LNK360™ empowers users with the freedom of choice when building their truly interoperable experience. Users have the freedom to unify all forms of communication, connect across any device, system, or application, so they can accelerate their response based on data-driven intelligence and real-time situational awareness.

Key Features include:

  • LMR to LTE push-to-talk (PTT) integration (ROIP, P25 via ISSI)
  • LMR to LMR radio interoperability
  • PTT to PTT interoperability
  • Secure, multimedia talkgroups include photo, video, and file sharing
  • Real-time location tracking & mapping
  • Cross-carrier and multi-agency communications available
  • Cross-VMS, drone and robotic platform sharing
  • Real-time sensor and IoT edge and network integration

Now available as a software download on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android devices, LNK360™ securely connects users to the largest nationwide ecosystem of government, public safety agencies, private enterprise, and critical infrastructure entities in the world and enables them to share actionable information when it matters most.

About Mutualink, Inc.

Mutualink, Inc. is the leading technology provider of a best-in-class intelligent multimedia network that enables public safety community partners to securely share voice, text, video and data for instant communications and real-time data sharing. Certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act for interoperable communications, partners and clients trust Mutualink, Inc. to provide innovative, scalable, secure solutions they rely on every day and in any emergency.

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