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The most critical factor in successful resolution of an emergency is speed. With Mutualink, your faith-based venue can instantly coordinate with public safety as needed.
Protecting your congregation, staff and visitors is major concern in today’s world of increased threats.
Mutualink is a turnkey service with installation, training and maintenance included.

Instant Multimedia Communications

Voice, Video & Information Sharing

Boundless connections for security and emergency response to talk, share information and collaborate for faith-based venue security.

Security & Safety Challenges

Community organizations have complex safety needs. They face security threats that have become more sophisticated over time. FEMA notes that “public gatherings are vulnerable, and adversaries may perceive houses of worship as attractive targets where they can inflict mass casualties”.

Plan and Prepare

To prepare for man-made or natural disasters, from active shooter to severe weather, your organization will need a way to connect with local first responders and hospitals. You may also need state and federal resources. Mutualink enables you to share video, public address, intercom, radio and telephone with law enforcement as needed. You may decide to use a physical panic button or app to initiate this collaboration.

Emergency Response Failures

Nearly every after-incident investigation following a mass shooting, natural disaster, major transportation or industrial accident identifies the same core problem – failures in communications are the source of confusion and delay that can cost lives. Simply put, whether an internal emergency and/or external event impacts your organization, the ability to communicate, coordinate and share vital information with first responders and other partners is critical in saving lives.
Seamlessly communicate internally and with first responders in real time to accelerate decision-making, reduce danger and speed resolution.
Mutualink works with virtually any two-way radio system, PTT applications, telephone systems and analog and digital video systems.
Mutualink employs advanced security. All communications and data is doubly encrypted with AES 256 encryption. All endpoints are mutually authenticated with RSA keys, and all identities are authenticated. Mutualink does not store any data. It is a secure transport mechanism with those who you trust to share.

The Mutualink Solution

Real-time Coordinated Response When It Matters Most

With Mutualink, your video and other communications systems can seamlessly communicate with first responder systems. Our ability to connect different video systems, in-building microphones, radio systems, PTT mobile apps, mobile phones and landline phones when and as needed, offers you unparalleled coordination possibilities. It allows for secure sharing of real-time video, floor plans and other data. All within a secure collaboration environment.

Plug & Play

Use your existing systems and resources. There’s no need to buy or replace equipment. Our system smartly connects to what you have, regardless of system type or manufacturer. And you can connect to any other partner using the Mutualink platform.

Uniquely Secure and Privacy Protected

Faith-based organizations require privacy and confidentiality. In addition to employing multiple layers of dynamic AES 256 encryption and secure RSA authentication technology, Mutualink uniquely meets security requirements like no other solution.

DHS Safety Act Certified meeting the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Instant on-demand bridging of communications and video and data sharing within large enterprises and with critical partners and safety agencies.

  • Voice – connects incompatible public address and intercom systems, radio systems, PTT apps, mobile phone and landline phones.
  • Video – shares video in real time.
  • Data – shares floor plans and other critical situational information.

All from one platform. When you need to work together. Especially in times of crisis.

  • Gunshot Detection Systems
  • CAP based Alerting Systems
  • Video Recognition Alert Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Chemical / Biological Sensor Systems
  • Panic Button Systems and Apps
Edge Equipment

What Mutualink Does For You

Mutualink is a powerful platform that enhances response in emergencies. It is used daily as a powerful communications tool to enhance routine security and operations, reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Integrated Security Communications Across Multiple Locations

We work with what you have, bridging existing video, voice and radio systems across locations.

Best Practices in Community Security

Our customers use Mutualink’s platform to create seamless community security networks to handle communication challenges that balance the need for privacy with the need to share for situational awareness.

Event Security

As a leader in security communications, Mutualink connects private partners with local law enforcement for large and small events.

Aerial and Robotic Platform Sharing

Mutualink connects to drone and robotic platforms, enabling reconnaissance and surveillance imagery and video to be shared in real time anywhere.

Emergency Evacuation Communications Go Kits

Mutualink is available in portable “Go Kits”, enabling set-up of emergency communications for remote continuity of emergency operations and connectivity to partners and telephone networks.

Cost Effective Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Save money replacing or augmenting expensive radio systems with state-of-the-art mobile PTT applications.
Our PTT clients offer both voice and two-way real-time video sharing.

Making Systems Smarter

Mutualink is an interoperability platform that can integrate with your panic alarms and sensor systems. Mutualink can receive and read alarms and event messages and automatically create instant collaboration sessions with those who need to know. Based on sensor location, camera feeds near the event location can be instantly shared with local responders.

Value Packed Premium Capabilities for Less

Mutualink is committed to bringing you more operational capability at less cost. Our platform includes powerful real-time mapping capabilities to increase your situational awareness. With Mutualink, you will access real-time data feeds displayed on a live map, at no extra cost.

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