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Security Technology

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Dynamic video sharing from enterprise to public safety. Intelligently and securely. Mobile solutions to turn your smartphone into a virtual EOC.

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Mutualink extends security comms to EOC

  • Internal Communications
  • Connect with public safety as needed – you choose when & for how long
  • Radio Gateways (RNICs) bridge LMR, PTT
  • Video Gateways (VNICs) bridge VMS, other video sources
  • Integrations: intelligent sharing from your enterprise
GSOC 2018

Typical GSOC Deployment

Telephone, radio and video resources shared internally.
Mobile apps for the security team.
Connects with state and local police as needed.

Choose Whether to Share or Keep Private

  • Ad hoc, as-needed connection enables voice and video sharing
  • Connect with any IRAPP partners, anywhere
  • Suitable for casinos, airports, hospitals – any enterprise GSOC
  • Already in use with malls, universities, financial institutions and others
  • Internet broadband connection in walled garden configuration
State Police GSOC

State Police Deployment

Broadband connections make agency resources shareable through the Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP)

Mutualink Interoperability: IWS and NICs

  • IWS: Delivers the user inferface needed to access the network
  • NICs: Radio, Video, Telephone and Facility NICs are gateways
  • Edge: Mutualink offers IWS and some NICs as cloud solutions
  • Secure: Sovereign control of your communication resources assured
  • Share voice, video and data within the mall or across the country as needed
Mall for Website 2018

Mall Deployment

From the mall security office, video is shared with officers throughout the facility, as well as with the corporate OIC

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Email us to be contacted by our Sales Operation staff who will provide a detailed customized quote for your interoperability requirements.

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