Grant Opportunity:

Connecticut Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security

Multi-Media School Security Grant Program (MMSSGP)

Eligibility: Connecticut Public & Non-public Schools

Public Schools: This grant application is for all public schools including (LEAs, RESCs, publicly endowed schools and charter schools

Budget/Award Cap: There is no cap for public schools
Match: Public schools have a match percentage determined by the wealth index of the town in which they are located. State Technical Schools do not have a match requirement.

Non-public Schools: This grant application can also be used for eligible licensed Child Care Centers and Pre-Schools that have received threats.

Funding: The match requirement (applicant share) for non-public schools is 50%. The maximum state share award per applicant is $50,000. Please note that this maximum is in effect for each school/ location. If applying for both R6 SSGP and Multi- Media SSGP – the overall award to a non-public applicant cannot exceed $50,000.

Match: Nonpublic schools have an automatic match requirement of 50% (50% state share plus 50% school match).

Program Amount: $50,000.00 Deadline: April 28, 2023

Applications: Public and Private have separate grant applications, different requirements

Part 1 – Includes completing the PDF Grant Application.

Public Schools Multi-Media School Security Grant Program (MMSSGP) Application Part I

Non-public Schools Multi-Media School Security Grant Program (MMSSGP) Application Part I


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Part 2 – Includes completing the Safe Schools checklist in Survey Monkey. Please note the Safe Schools checklist can be completed in advance of Part I, as
an assessment of a school’s security, and may assist schools in selecting projects that help address gaps.

Public Schools Safe Schools Checklist Survey Application Part II

Non-public Schools Safe Schools Checklist Survey Application Part II

Notice: This information is provided by a private state contractor entity for informational purposes only. It is not an official communication of the State of Connecticut, nor has the content been reviewed or endorsed by the State. Please refer to the Program link for all official information.


Eligible Expenses: Eligible expenses include: multi-media interoperable communications systems the cost of vendor-provided training on the use of allowable equipment/systems purchased under this program.

What is meant by school security projects that involve multi-media interoperable communications system?

For a camera, radio, panic button, Internet of Thing (IoT) system to be included in this application, it must include the capability of transmitting communications/notifications to law enforcement and/or their call centers. This application can also include system(s) that integrate existing cameras, radios, panic buttons, etc. for transmission over internet protocol to first responders and/or their call centers. The goal is to make communications and information sharing between first responders and schools as quick and seamless as possible. Each school can consider its needs and design a system that it as practical as possible.

Examples of Eligible Equipment & Systems (not all-inclusive)

Internal & External Cameras Systems that include the capability to transmit real time video that can be viewed by law enforcement personnel and/or their call centers

Wired/Non-wired Panic Alarm Systems that, when activated, provide an open and direct line of communication with law enforcement and/or their call centers

Other Systems that integrate existing camera, panic alarm, radios, etc., for transmission over internet protocol to first responders and/or their call centers. Other systems as allowed, please email to confirm allowability.

IoT – Systems that include technology for connecting and exchanging data with law enforcement and/or their call centers (sensor based)

Radio Systems that ties into law enforcement and/or their call centers

Training – funds from the grant program can be used only for vendor provided training on equipment also purchased through this grant

Decisions on eligibility will be made in accordance with the School Safety Infrastructure Standards:


For Grant Coordination & Application Assistance:

Sonya Richmond
Grant Information Writer & Manager

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Joseph M. Dooley (Ret. Chief of Police)
FBINAA 148th Director, Public Safety & Security Solutions

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Col. George F. Battle (Ret. CT State Police), CSPP Director
Public Safety Operations & Training

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