Connecticut Schools Security Grant Opportunity

Multi-Media School Security Grant Program (MMSSGP)

Deadline to Apply: April 28

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What is the Multi-Media School Security Grant?

The Multi-Media School Security Grant Program (MMSSGP) provides funding schools to implement multi-media security projects that create a direct line of communication between the school and law enforcement.

Who is eligible for the MMSSGP?

Public schools and Nonpublic schools should select the correct application documents to complete. The applications, labeled for public and non-public schools, contain different requirements.

Public Schools: This grant application is for all public schools including (LEAs, RESCs, publicly endowed schools and charter schools
Nonpublic Schools: This grant application can also be used for eligible licensed Child Care Centers and Pre-Schools that have received threats.

How to Apply for MMSSGP?

You can apply for MMSSGP by visiting the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security website.