Alyssa’s Law Compliance Florida

The Technology Solution for AT&T, an Approved Florida Department of Education Vendor

Get compliant with Alyssa’s Law by August with a trusted solution that can reduce time to incident resolution by up to 50%

For the 17 victims who were killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre, help came too late. And they were not alone – countless after action reports cite time lost to inadequate communications as a contributing factor to loss of life. Named after a Parkland victim, Florida’s Alyssa’s Law requires all schools to implement a mobile panic alert system with real-time connection to law enforcement.

As a result of increased violence in schools, several surveys of students suggest that 25 – 45% reported that concerns about school safety negatively impacted their ability to learn. Given your investments in learning, this could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Mutualink, as AT&T’s partner, chosen by the Florida Department of Education to supply Alyssa’s Law panic alert technology, provides an optimal solution to meet and exceed the legislative requirements. Currently, 15 Florida counties currently rely on Mutualink as their emergency response communications platform. Captain Rick Francis, Director of School Safety and Security for Seminole County noted, “In my opinion, the only company qualified for this statewide effort in Florida is Mutualink under the AT&T response.”

Mutualink is SAFETY Act certified by the US Department of Homeland Security.

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Ensuring Preparedness During School Safety Crises

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Mutualink Multimedia Interoperability Demo

Demonstration of Alyssa’s Law Compliant Panic Alert Technology for Florida

Individualized demonstration for your school system available on request.
Mutualink, partnered with A&T, leverages your school’s investment in technology, bridging your current radios and video systems with law enforcement when a staff member activates the panic alert on their mobile phone.