Run Mutualink on Your
Mac or Windows Computer

Download Edge IWS for Windows – and now for Mac – fast, easy, powerful interoperability!

  • Run Edge IWS with credentials from your agency Edge Device Manager.
  • Built-in VPN – no need for separate VPN download.
  • New, improved look and feel – expanded video and mapping features.
  • Built-in help modules to support in-app learning.


 Downloads for Windows

Edge IWS for Windows – 64 bit  

Edge IWS for Windows – 32 bit  

 Downloads for MacOS

Edge IWS for MacOS  

Downloads for iOS

Mutualink Edge IWS   

Mutualink Edge@Team  

Downloads for Android

Mutualink Edge IWS   

Mutualink Edge@Team   


Access our documentation center below for instruction regarding download, set-up, and use of the Mutualink interoperability platform.

How can you get more information?

For training and operational videos, visit our Video Hub or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

General Guidelines:

  • Notice that Edge@Command is now Edge IWS.
  • Make a note of your username, password, URI and vpn credentials for login. You will need to re-enter these when you download the new software. If you forget your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” tool on first login.
  • Before downloading the update, take a screenshot of your Favorites tab in your current Edge client for Windows. You will need to re-create this in the new one.
  • Note that although Cisco AnyConnect remains a separate package, it is also now part of the software install and does not require an additional download or set-up.
  • Please make use of the NEW in-app Help function on all screens.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Customer Support at 866-927-5465

Instructional Videos

Edge IWS Setup iOS

Edge IWS Setup Android


The features available in Mutualink Edge IWS include improved video usability, enhanced map capabilities and views, and streamlined VPN integration. Use the new features to improve situational awareness in incidents.

Add video to an incident from your computer web cam or resource panel. Receive video and view in thumbnail form inside the incident box. Video shared and received can be popped out to manage the incident from the map tab.


My Cam


Show Map


Custom Map Layers

IWS Specs

Specifications for IWS Appliances and Edge IWS, including supported devices available here.

Mutualink’s IWS is the multimedia interoperability solution for public safety, homeland security and critical infrastructure.

What’s New

  • Optimize incident management ease and flexibility with video and map improvements.
  • Access help function from any screen.
  • Video viewed in an incident now pops out for self-contained incidents that migrate tabs.
  • With Google Maps, we redesigned our Network Map tab with Traffic and Weather overlays and endpoint filters.
  • Numbered cluster pins become endpoint icon pins on zoom.
  • You can now set and navigate back to your Home location with one button.
  • Mutualink Edge@Command is now Mutualink Edge IWS.
  • You will now be notified during login of available updates, with one-button auto-update.
  • Mac OS now supported.
  • Improved look and feel for optimal usability.
  • Incident and video boxes color-coded for quick visual management of multiple incidents.
  • Your Mutualink Edge IWS installer will now download the required VPN in the wizard.

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Email us to be contacted by our Sales Operation staff who will provide a detailed customized quote for your interoperability requirements.

For technical support, call us at 866-927-5465 or email us at