Interoperability Systems for Tactical Advantage


Drone surveillance video shared in real time over Mutualink's interoperability platform in New Jersey
New Jersey State Police Whitepaper screen capture
This whitepaper presents the experience of the New Jersey State Police in their use of the Mutualnik interoperability platform during planned and emergency events over the years.
Pic of After Action Report for the North Caldwell Peaceful Protest 2020
After Action Report (AAR) from the peaceful prost in North Caldwell NJ on June 2, 2020. The screen shot at the top of this page depicts drone video shared on the Mutualink platform during this event.

Now that you’re considering making your communications interoperable, what’s next?

Implementing multimedia interoperability brings a host of benefits you may not have considered. What starts as a desire to bridge radio communications may also bring opportunities to share video in real time or interact with private partners who need your help. Realizing the myriad use cases for interoperable communications provides a look into the future.

Let’s look at some examples. Complete the form at right. We will send you our whitepaper discussing how a state agency, the New Jersey State Police, implemented our technology and found countlesss reasons to use it for civil unrest events, other emergencies, planned events and every day:

  • SuperStorm Sandy
  • Yacht Explosion Hoax
  • Boston Marathon Bombing
  • Garden State Plaza, Paramus, Mall Shooting
  • SuperBowl XLVIII
  • Seaside Park Terrorist Bombing
  • Atlantic City Casinos

Mutualink Multimedia Interoperability Demo

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