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FirstNet in Action: JerseyNet Broadband Network Provides Unobstructed Data Connectivity to First Responders during Atlantic City Concerts

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – New Jersey's first-ever real-world implementation of FirstNet  was an unqualified success, setting a precedent for effectively using the National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) to improve communications, security and situational awareness at large-scale public events. The Atlantic City Police Department, in conjunction with the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP), deployed […]

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Vendors to Highlight JerseyNet Public Safety LTE Deployment at APCO

WASHINGTON - News Highlights: At APCO 2015, PMC Associates, Oceus Networks, Hughes and Mutualink are partnering to demonstrate their collaboration on the JerseyNet public safety LTE deployment. A first-in-the-nation public safety broadband network utilizing deployable 4G LTE nodes, JerseyNet facilitates secure and reliable multimedia communications in both densely populated and rural locations for emergency response situations, as well as planned large-scale public gatherings. As active participants in the JerseyNet project, these companies will share collaboration and implementation strategies, challenges, and lessons learned since the deployment first began in January.

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Mutualink Multimedia Gateway to Enable Multi-Agency Collaboration during Department of Defense Exercise

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD – For the fourth consecutive year, Mutualink is playing an integral role as a core capability at the Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise (JUICE), the U.S. Army’s premier joint, coalition, and interagency communications event taking place during June. Mutualink’s multimedia interoperable communications and collaboration technology seamlessly and securely connects all participants on demand anywhere in the world – including all branches of the military, federal, state, local governments, and foreign partners – via a resilient, peer-to-peer ad hoc network utilizing any available IP transport to include wireline, wireless and satellite.

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President Honors Mutualink with the "E" Award for its Significant Contribution to U.S. Exports

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker honored Mutualink with the President’s “E” Award, which is the highest recognition any company can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. Secretary Pritzker presented the award to Joe Mazzarella, Sr. Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel of Mutualink, during a ceremony at the Department of Commerce. The President’s “E” Award program was established by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 to honor and provide recognition to America’s most prolific exporters.

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School Safety Whitepaper Explores Role of Strategic Collaboration

Wallingford, CT – The problem of school safety and security needs to be addressed through strategic collaboration, according to a new whitepaper (link to landing page) authored by Dr. William M. Toms, a faculty member at Fairleigh Dickinson University and retired New Jersey State Police Major, in collaboration with Mutualink, a company specializing in interoperable communications for schools, public safety, defense, and more. Through experience-based insights, the paper presents actionable information for school administrators, school security personnel, policy makers, public safety agencies, and other stakeholders with a role in protecting students while at school.

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Sonim Technologies Partners with Public Safety Application and Accessories Developers to Enable New Mission Critical Solutions in support of FirstNet initiatives

San Mateo, CA – Sonim Technologies, maker of the world’s toughest smartphones for extreme environments, has created a communications and information platform for first responders and public safety agencies who face mission-critical situations every day. To date, nearly 100 Android application developers and accessories vendors have joined the newly formed Ultra-Rugged Developer Network. As a result, several pilot programs with police and fire departments have successfully launched across the United States with more planned over the course of 2015. “It is critical that as FirstNet becomes a reality and as such the use of broadband becomes more and more prevalent, smartphones, applications and accessories must work together toward the common of goal of serving first responders. At Sonim, we are taking the first steps in creating an open consumer-off-the-shelf platform of new and vibrant solutions,” said Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim.

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Major General Price Brings Military Expertise to Mutualink Advisory Board

Wallingford, CT – Mutualink is pleased to welcome Major General (Ret. U.S. Army) N. Lee S. Price to the company’s advisory board. MG Price is a highly-decorated U.S. Army veteran with more than 38 years of experience leading military and government organizations. Her background in communications systems and networked computer applications for the military is perfectly aligned with Mutualink’s technology and markets, and she will be an invaluable resource to the company.

“Mutualink’s real time any to any multimedia interoperability solution offers precisely the type of capabilities that the military is looking for. It enables joint and coalition interoperability on an on demand, secure ad hoc basis using any type of network transport from the tactical level up to command and control echelons,” said MG Price. “Not only does it bridge a vast array of radio and communications assets, it also can bridge ISR platforms allowing for vastly enhanced joint situational awareness. This is a transformative technology that can greatly assist our Nation and our partners. I look forward to using my experience to assist in the widespread adoption of this outstanding technology.”

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New York State Disaster Preparedness Expert Joins Mutualink Advisory Board

Wallingford, CT — Mutualink, Inc. today announced that James G. Natoli, who served for nearly 40 years in New York State’s legislative and executive branches, has joined the company’s distinguished advisory board. Mr. Natoli’s in-depth knowledge and experience in statewide disaster planning and response initiatives will be a significant asset to the Mutualink team.

“I was immediately impressed with the Mutualink communications platform when I first saw its capabilities, and I see enormous potential for its widespread use in state government,” said Mr. Natoli. “I look forward to offering my insight and expertise to help expand the use of Mutualink’s technology in statewide deployments in New York and around the country.”

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Mutualink Tactical Collaboration Nodes to Power First-Ever Public Safety Grade Mobile 4G LTE Network for the State of New Jersey

Wallingford, CT – Mutualink, Inc., a Connecticut-headquartered company specializing in real time voice, video and data interoperability for first responders and critical infrastructure, announced that its Tactical Collaboration Node™ solution was selected for inclusion in JerseyNet, New Jersey’s dedicated Band 14LTE deployable public safety network. Mutualink’s Tactical Collaboration Nodes will enable seamless voice interoperability with other radio and communications systems, and sharing of streaming video, text and files among responders both within a tactical deployment area and with other partner agencies and personnel on a wide-area to nationwide basis via the New Jersey Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP) network. The New Jersey IRAPP connects hundreds of first responder agencies, emergency operations centers, hospitals and critical infrastructure entities into a secure, on-demand multimedia collaboration environment using existing infrastructure. Mutualink’s technology will be installed in multiple JerseyNet System on Wheels (SOWs) and will also be deployed within tactical portable cases that tether to the SOWs and can also connect to other networks.

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